My First Visit to Hermes!!!!!

  1. Hello ladies,

    I just got back from my first ever visit to Hermes!! I had an amazing time!! My SA, Julie, whom I was refered to by a wonderful PF'r, was supreme!!!! She told me all about the leathers and colors and showed me 4 different bags. She asked me if I was interested in any Kelly's or Birkins!!!! I said that eventually I'd like to get a Kelly, I told her that my dream bag was a 28cm Chocolate Box Rigide Kelly.....

    She said...."WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ONE?" I almost died!! I said yes, of course, that would be wonderful!! She went in the back to get it and I had to talk myself down from the excitment that I felt. I said, "Calm down, Traci, even though your a newbie, you don't have to act like one"! She came back and I saw the most beautiful bag I have ever seen in my life!!! It was amazing! I could not believe how beautiful!! She let me hold it and feel the leather.....I was in heaven!!!!

    It was the best first visit to Hermes I could have dreamed of!

    Here's what I came home with... A new H orange bracelet, and a Framboise Agenda.
    20.jpg 21.jpg 23.jpg
  2. What great will power you have! I would have snatched up the kelly in a second! I'm glad she showed it to you! Such nice service!!

    Congrats on your new purchases! Love them both!
  3. love the agenda ! and so nice to hear that you had a wonderful time. :jammin:
    what colour was that kelly btw.
  4. Welcome! You have been integrated!!!!! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

    On a serious note, love the color of that agenda. I wish they had more purses in that color. Use the bracelet in good health. I'm glad your first visit was a memorable one.
  5. The Kelly I saw was big...not sure of the size, but it was Chocolate Box Rigide....and $15,000!!
  6. I am SO glad that you had a good time!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am super happy for you:heart: ! What other bags did you see? What color Kelly did you see? Sorry for too many questions...
  7. :wtf: :wtf: must have been a travel kelly for that price
  8. WHATTTTTTTTT:wtf: :wtf: :wtf: !!! That can't be right! Box Kelly for $15,000! Unbelievable!!!! Are you sure? Was it a HUGE traveller's size? Even if it was, $15,000 doesn't sound right! It does not make sense at all!!! I am just amazed that BOX KELLY can be $15,000!!! just WOW:wtf: :blink: !!!
  9. i am with aspen even a travel kelly can´t be that much. if it is :censor:
  10. Oh - I thought she showed you your dream kelly (28 cm chocolate box). Wow $15k! That's pricey!
  11. I don't know guys, it was big, but not huge. Could it have been something else I saw that wasn't a price? But I looked at it and I know I saw a 15 and a comma after that. I almost died when I saw that, but maybe that was for something else?? It was in the box though? I'm just not sure cause I'm not experienced enough to know what the price tags and that stuff looks like. It must have been wrong, there not that much are they???
  12. Traci ~ Such Beautiful Pieces!!! Love The Bracelet!!! & The Agenda Is Just Gorgeous!!!!!! :smile:

    I'm So Glad You Had Such A Nice Hermes (& LV) Visit......Super Fun Day!!!!!!!!

    Addicted ~ I Was Thinking The Same Thing (Dream Kelly!).....Just "A Slight" :smile: Bigger!!!!! I'm Sure It Was Gorgeous!!!

    ***Look @ All That Orange In The Background!!! YUM!
  13. It should be around $6K or $7K something...not $15,000!!! You can get an ostrich Birkin in 35 cm for that kind of money.

    If you really loved it, please call them back and check the price again. It is hard to find your dream bag like that, and it is MORE expensive to buy it later. Hermes prices go up crazy daily...

  14. Well, I want the 28 cm and I know that one was bigger. But she was soooooo nice to me! She took so much time with me and was just wonderful!! I can't wait to go back for the NE PF meeting!! I told her I'd be back on July 22nd with about 12 of my friends, she said, "I'll be here!":yes:
  15. Congrats to you!! sounds like a great visit....with great purchases!