My first visit to Hermes is coming up...need help!!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I will be visiting the Boston Hermes in exactly 2 weeks!!!! I am so excited!!!! I do not want to look stupid or uneducated about their products when I get there so......a few questions.

    I am interested in the PM Mini agenda. How much is it retail? What colors does it come in?

    Also, I would love a small wallet.....I saw one on ebay for 779.00, does that sound like a good price? It was orange chevre (sp?) I think.

    Finally.....Do they make any other kinds of small accessories that are affordable?

    I figure once I get all the accessories then I can concentrate on the Kelly!!! When she gets here, I'll have lots of friends to put in her!!

    I must sound nuts....:graucho: :graucho:

    Thanks for any info ladies!!!
  2. A mini agenda called the Ulysee only comes in Togo and is $150. The Vision agendas start at about $400 and go up to around $2000 for croc.

    The wallet you want is called the Bearn. The best leather for this is Chevre Mysore, IMO, and the small one will be around $1300.
    Really, with the exception of the Ulysee, I don't find any of the small accessories all that affordable. :smile:
    For example, a makeup bag will be around $600. If you want small, more affordable treasures, check out the scarves and Twillys, charms and bracelets. Everything is beautiful!

    Have a wonderful time at Hermes!!
  3. I don't know about agenda..sorry......Boston Hermes is a great place to hang out. My SA in Boston store is just an angel. She would do anything to help me. You will have a great time there. If you want to work with my SA, please just PM me. I will let you know her name.
  4. Oh Greentea, thank you for the wonderful info!!!

    The mini agenda is only $150??? How much is the next size up the PM is it? In the Ulysee?

  5. Bearn wallet price went up! I saw ~$1700 for bi-fold and $1950 for tri-fold in chevre about a couple of weeks ago at Boston store.

  6. Now are these the large size wallet or the 4.75" size wallet?
  7. Wow aspen! Those prices sound crazy!! Hopefully I'll be there too Traci! The bearn is about 4x7" I believe or close to it...
  8. tr444: The prices of bearn wallets are for long ones...not the small compact ones. Small compact ones are only like $150 cheaper. There is not much price difference for the smaller one.
  9. The Ulysee Mini agenda (4X4.5 in.) is $140. The pm is 4x6 inches and is $150. :smile:
  10. Another question ladies-- How do you correctly say "Ulysse"? And do you know what colors this Ulysse agenda comes in? I know the orange but I would LOVE if it came in blue jean.....someone say it comes in blue jean please!!

    Also, why are the agendas so much less expensive than the wallets?

    Thanks, guys, I know these are newbie questions, but I gotta start somewhere!!!

    I looked at the Hermes Catalog thread but there aren't many accessories.
  11. tr444, Ulysee is pronounced like Ooo-lee-say.
    They come in most colors and, yes, BJ but that can be very hard to find. The Ulysee is of very simple construction.
    BUT, you should see the work and craftsmanship that is put into the Bearn wallet. Amazing. It's so lightweight, yet reinforced with multiple layers of paper thin leather. My SA told me that these are so difficult to make that the women with small hands get the jobs in the H workshop.
  12. Greentea, I love all the little factual information you have up in that pretty little head of yours!!!

    Will you please just get a job at Hermes already, so we can have an inside connection?

    Get your hubby to move a little closer to the boutique. Then, get in there are born to be a manager at your boutique!
  13. fascinating info greentea, kellybag sounds rite on the money!
  14. Hehe, KB! Thanks but my DH's worst nightmare would be me WORKING at Hermes! Paycheck? What paycheck? :whistle: :whistle:
  15. It is a hobby...not really a know doing what you love and what you are good at.
    Oh, the don't get discounts on bags and my SA told me if you want to purchase it must be approved by the manager and then corporate. :rant: