My first Visit to am LV store

  1. In July I an going to San Francisco and going to LV for the first time! I am very excited!!!!! Is there anything I need to know!
  2. I would suggest browsing and and find the bags/accessories you would like to see the most.:idea:
  3. It's crowded on the weekends unless you go right when they open. :biggrin: There are a lot of nice SAs there but when it is super busy it is hard to get service. They don't have everything out on the shelves so if there are particular items you want to see don't be afraid to ask. For example, last time I was there they hardly had any Epi bags out. So I just kept asking to see the ones I wanted and they kept pulling them out of drawers. :lol: Have fun! SF is so beautiful!!!
  4. I think I am going there on a thursday!
  5. Have fun and don't let them intimidate you. And I agree that you should look around on before you go.
  6. I agree! I always check stuff out on e-luxury and make a list of things I want to see because I get kind of overwhelmed when I'm there. :biggrin:
  7. Ha ha... that's what I do too. :lol:
  8. Have fun!!! It's going to be hard to pry your eyes out of all those beautiful bags on the shelves. :P
  9. It's always good to have an idea which bags you are interested in. Otherwise, you walk in there and are so overwhelmed, you buy nothing!
  10. Just walk in and look like you're ready to SHOP! hehe I had heard before that service there is questionable but when I went, I had a great time. The SA brought out everything I wanted and let me play with them for as long as I wanted. It was the best experience ever! I hope you have lots of fun! And definitely pick out a couple items that you find interesting beforehand!
  11. Do they get mad if you go in look around and have them get you stuff IF you don't end up purchasing that the moment? I am planning on buying but what if I go in and deside I need longer to deside what bag I want.
  12. I remember buying my first LV bag last yr, I went to the store to check it out first, snooped around, and didn't buy anything. The salesman was...stern, but didn't say anything rude. Yet, even if I did buy something, I don't think he woulda changed his attitude cuz he was a MAN lol, and I look like a KID in real life. I think the salesladies are much much nicer because everytime after the "man-attack", they would SMILE to ya!!! lol:flowers:
  13. If the boutique is too busy, you can cross the street to Neiman Marcus and check out the LV store there.
  14. You are the client, you are everything for them, don't be shy even iif you don't buy anything.
  15. They are remodeling and the store is underground. Well, there is a small section on the street level but, you will need to go down stairs for the shoes and the good stuff.