My first visit to a Coach Boutique! ..Nashville..

  1. My first visit to a Coach Boutique! ..Nashville..
    My husband went with me, First we stopped and ate at the Cheesecake Factory... YUM
    Had the Pumpkin Cheesecake, .... Double YUM
    Now....My first visit to a Coach Boutique!
    Great setup and the SA's were very nice. I could have bought the store if I had the money.
    I loved so many different things. I had not seen the Coach Jewelry before. I definitely left with a wish-list.
    This is what I bought.
    I got the New BLEECKER LEATHER DUFFLE w/ tattersall fabric lining in WINE (Price: $328)
    Style No: 11422 (Ordered from JAX) Since they only had the display models.
    I really love the tattersall lining in this bag.
    I did try to buy the floor model but changed my mind since I found a small
    what looked to be a sharpie mark. So I also had my first return as well..
    So I went right back and ordered it.

    I also picked up The Leather Moisturizer and This cute charm my husband
    thought it came with the bag... But he really loved how they looked together
    so I picked it up anyway. I'm going to have to take an adorable pic of my
    three kids to put in there..
    It's the red heart pic frame.:jammin:

    I really liked the Bleecker flaps as well. The duffel won because my husband said it looked better on me. I plan on this being my everyday bag. If you own this bag or one like it: How is it working for you?

    I'll Post a pick when my purse gets here! I'm so excited. :yahoo:
  2. Congrats! I love the color of that! Did you go the mall at Green Hills? The SAs there are super sweet!
  3. Yes, The SA's were great, As far as I can tell that's the only coach boutique in the area. I found it on the Coach website. I can't wait to go back that mall is gorgeous. I only had time to hit the coach store on our way back home and the gadget store next door my husband loved as well. But there were lots of store I wanted to go in but didn't have the time. LV was one, but I didn't want to go in caring my big coach bag and it was getting late so we headed home.
  4. Congrats on your first trip to Coach and your new bag! It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Was it Green Hills? I love that mall! I go every year with my mom when I visit her in Tenn! I plan on visiting in May and stopping by there then! Coach and Cheesecake Factory, what a fabulous combination!
  5. wow it is gorgeous!! i didnt know the lining was tattersall!!!
  6. Yes, the mall is Green Hill Mall, That entire neighborhood is so upscale.
    We took an exit about 10 miles south to get some gas for out trip home and came across some multi-million dollar mansions trying to get back on the interstate. We just saw them at night with the landscaping lighting. I imagine record producers and artists live on this side of town. Breathtaking to say the least. These are the folks that Coach is trying to sell those $30,000 & $50,000 dollar bags too.

    I should be able to go several times a year, since we go often to drop off or pick up my step children from their mom's house in Nashville.
  7. Hurray for you first boutique visit! The wine color is so beautiful, and the lining is amazing. I hope your brand new one arrives soon! Enjoy! :tup:
  8. I have the Large Bleeker Duffle No. 11423 in the Bottle Green Color (pictured below)and can honestly say that I love this bag! I feel very urban chic when carrying her cross body all around the city. This is a great everyday bag. I do love your color choice of the wine for your Bleeker Duffle. Congrats on your new purchase and enjoy carrying her
    everywhere as well as the compliments you will surely receive! Please post modeling pictures when you receive your bag.

  9. OOOOO I always stop at the Cheesecake Factory when I go to my Coach store in Buffalo- best resturant EVAR!

    OMG now I'm hungry.

  10. I love that color as well, beautiful choice.... I'm so glad your getting good use out of it.
    Green is another of my favorite colors. Now I am eyeing all the accessories thou. :nuts: At-least I can leave something to get as a Christmas present. Thou I probably order them for myself and just label them as presents from the kids. I thinks Santa is going to be good to me this Christmas as well. Now I am thinking of getting a purse for my mother and best friend as well, My best friend definitely needs a new wallet she still using the wallet I gave her back in High-school.
  11. Yay for your first boutique experience........Green Hills is a great mall and I'm not just saying that because I used to work there (J. Crew and Lady Foot Locker, not Coach)....I was there in March and was amazed at how much it has changed since I was last there years ago.

    And congrats on your new bag!! I tried on the Bleekers in the store the other day and they looked really good on....I may have to get one now and I love the wine color!!
  12. Congratulations, it's a very nice bag.
  13. Congrats!!! I just LOVE the Mall at Green Hills. I was in Nashville last April on business and thankfully had a day to just relax and go shopping. I got the B&W sig beauty case there (and the b&w sig flip flops at Macys!). ITA the Coach SA's there are super sweet. I even got a great recommendation to have dinner down in the basement of one of the bookstores in that mall...very cute tiny little bistro and perfect for dining alone...just me and my notebook, LOL.
  14. Love the bag! And by the way, that elephant key ring you have in your wishlist is available here in the U.S., I have one! I don't know the item number but maybe someone else can help with that!
  15. Found it, item #92154. Just call JAX, that's how I ordered mine!