My first virgin chanel

  1. Finally I got my first chanel handbag, the virgin white jumbo caviar SH... :yahoo: I went to Chanel conssession today since I couldn't get of the siren voice of Chanel from my head. I wish I could take black jumbo caviar SH too, but it has only either caviar GH or lambskin SH..... Seems I have to wait to get my second chanel for a while.. hehe

    Do you gals think it's better option in black.. caviar or lambskin, silver or gold hw? TIA ;)
  2. i love the white!! congrats!!! Black or white, they are both beautiful. For me white with sh and black with gh.
  3. congrats!!
  4. Grazie kellyLV , RoseMary.. It's also my biggest bd present for myself :love:
  5. Congrats on your first Chanel :heart:and welcome to the club hehe!;)
    I love lambskin so there goes my vote for your second one!:yes:
  6. Congrats!

    I can see your second Chanel bag coming!
  7. Congrats on your first Chanel! Any pics to come of your beautiful white flap? :graucho:
  8. Happy New Year! Congratulations on your new bag:tup: Please help me:smile: Which size do you think should I get for the red classic caviar, Medium or large?

    Thanks a lot.
  9. Congrats...can't wait to see pics!
  10. congrats :yahoo:
    on the black one, i have to say i like the black caviar with GH
  11. may22

    well i am a white metal girl so i would say the silver ~ i don't own any lamb skin bags but i love the look of them! ~ i do have a baby cabas which is caviar ~ i know it is practical but i just can't get used to the "hardness" of it ~ & it's such a lovely bag ~ i just hope it softens over time ~ a lot! ~ have fun choosing ~ i think that's the best bit! :tender:
  12. Thanks for warm greetings from every comment :winkiss:

    ChanelSpell: Agree.. when I saw the jumbo lambskin today, it was so adorable... The only con that stops me at this time is it is quite difficult to maintain, but I'm not sure how long I can resist.

    Mlffy27: Yeah.. I'm sure that when SA calls me next time, I won't get empty hand back.

    Beautylicious, Celia_Hish: It may sound silly but I feel that she is so adorable that I dont wanna take her out of the box... My room is so messy now and I may make the scratch accidently.....But I will keep my room tight tonight and take her photo..(hehe.. that's the excuse not to show my messy room)

    Dreamer: Thanks... Any bright colour (except white), personally I'd prefer medium/large size (esp with GH, hehe)... However, it depends on how you're gonna carry her. If you plan for daily use, Jumbo may be better option.

    Seahorseinstrips: Thanks for your suggestion :smile:

    Vikianderson: The white lambskin is so gorgeous too. I saw a medium white lambskin flap today ( I'm not sure about the name of model but it looks like the classic except it has the strap like GST)... But if I take this, I have to take care of her triple times more than others??? hehe
  13. Great Choice for a first Chanel!!!!! Congrats!
  14. great choice! congrats!
  15. white jumbo is the best! it goes with anything in your wardrobe!! i got mine few days ago and can't wait to bring it out.. LOL enjoy,feel,smell it LOL