My first vintage Reveal :)

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  1. With the major shortage of stock in my local store, I have decide to give evilbay a chance on my hunt on a new B or K. After spending sometime researching I have set my eyes on bidding on some vintage Kellys. The price was good and some of the patina on the box calf Kelly was TDF. All thanks to the authenticator on TPF, I was able to buy with confidence. I also learnt alot about vintage kellys. After being out bid on about 4 bags :sad:, I finally decide to write directly to some eBay sellers to nego the price instead. Was finally able to get my first vintage Kelly after about 2 weeks after I venture into eBay :smile:

    Revealing my first vintage navy blue Kelly .....



  2. Now revealing the flaws :smile:



    So it was sent to H for some repairs.....bag will be sent to Paris for repairs and SA informed that it will take about 6 months :sad:

    Lessons learnt.....:smile:

    Does any TPFers know the estimated price for a handle replacement??? SA can't give me an estimate....

    I will miss my bag and waiting forward to having it back in 6 months time :smile:
  3. I have just received a quote from Paris via my local store on my vintage Kelly refurbishment. The handle replacement will cost $1275 but my Kelly is croc.
  4. beautiful kelly. congrats
  5. I was looking at the price then saw the word croc and let out a big sign of relief haha....if croc is $1275 I hope box calf is half the price :smile:
  6. Hopefully it is. Gorgeous kelly you have.
  7. Thanks. Crossing my fingers, will know in 2 weeks time :X
  8. Yea! Beautiful bag!
  9. It's beautiful. Congratulation!
  10. Very beautiful! Is this the 32 size? I just wonder if it's roomy enough compared to the retourne style as I am after a 28 sllier.
    Hope she comes back to you sooner than 6 months! :sad:
  11. Nice vintage bag, cant wait to see the 'new' vintage in 6 months time.
  12. Beautiful bag! Can't wait to see how it looks when it comes back from Paris.
  13. Beautiful vintage bag, would love to see how it looks when you have it back.
  14. I'm sure once it comes back from Paris it will look brand new. I'm so very happy for your new purchase!
  15. beautiful vintage. She's a keeper, and will look great once back with a new handle. congrats.