My first vintage LV!

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  1. After searching and searching (and getting outbid sometimes on Ebay) I received today my first LV bag!
    It's a vintage Speedy 30 (how could that miss in my collection?), authenticated by the lovely girls here.
    I exactly don't know when it was made, since I can't see any date code (maybe it faded away), but our experts dated it to early 80s.
    I love the fact that it already has patina and I don't have to baby it too much:P
    I will buy Obenauf and Blackrock products to clean the dirt it may have after years and years of use, in the meanwhile here are some pictures!

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  2. the leather is really gorgeous! the color reminds me of a well worn horse saddle or something. with a good cleaning it will look even better! i love the fact that its from the really shows in favor of LV's quality (or how their quality used to be). congrats!
  3. Congrats on a GREAT first LV my friend! And a lovely vintage one at that!
  4. congrats on your first Lv bag..the leather is totally vintage!!!
  5. Thank you Addy! :heart: I owe you a lot
  6. aliburke84, I must admit I'm not a fan of monogram LV in general, I only like some models like Popincourt, Ellipse or Manhattan, definitely not a lover of new Speedy...but this one is totally gorgeous!
  7. Congrats!! It's beautiful, well worn in and classic!! Enjoy
  8. Congrats! What a perfect find!
  9. She's lovely! Mine is a '92 model and has the prettiest patina. Being an equestrian, I am partial to leather that has that supple, broken-in look. Great find...enjoy!
  10. Oh, I love the old ones! That is an exquisite beauty. Love love love her age.
  11. Congratulations!
  12. Very nice! I love the leather (:
  13. Congrats on your first vintage LV!!

  14. Congrats!!
  15. Congrats!! Funny how 80's bags are considered "vintage" makes feel really really old :Push: