My first (very small) Hermes purchase!

  1. Got a twilly today (not sure of the pattern--it was white with green water lilies??)--also had fun playing with different styles. I tried an evelyne, bolide, & kelly & got to see some different leathers as well. I fell in love with the kelly. :drool: It was cyclamon chevre (I think) with PH. Although it was only a 28, I felt it was a good size for me (I'm only 5 feet!). I'd love to try the next size up for reference (is it a 32)? I am thinking I would love a black Kelly now. Of course, that means I REALLY need to start saving. It was the rigide style, so I'd love to see retourne. Anyway, it was a fun time! The boutique is in a men's store here, so DH had fun buying a new dress shirt & tie. Just thought I'd share!
  2. How fun! Thanks for sharing. I'll bet the twilly is gorgeous.
  3. Congrats on your first H purchase!! But be warned--hermes is addictive! I also am in love with the kelly-such a classic and elegant bag. A black kelly would be a perfect bag!
  4. I know that twilly, so fresh and clean for the spring and summer, congratulations. Sounds like you had fun in the store and you are already showing signs of Hermes addiction, lol. I think that a black Kelly will always appear smaller than coloured ones, so a 32cm might be great in black for you and perhaps a pop of colour, chevre is great for colour, in the 28cm size. That's 2 Kellys on your list already! There's more room in the retourne style, they have very different personalities to the sellier and look different again, with different leathers. Have fun trying them all on and experimenting.
  5. Congratulations on your first H purchase! Here's wishing you more orange boxes of various shapes and sizes! :p
  6. oh enjoy that twilly amytude!
  7. amytude: I am barely 5ft :smile: I tried the 32 kelly souple and they are perfect. The HAC 32 is too big on me and I was asked to try the Birkin 30 or the HAC 28 next time.

    I went from twillies into full size scarfs and I had share some pictures in the HermesInAction thread on those scarfs so you can get some reference/comparision :smile:

    Here's to wishing you plenty of orange boxes in all shapes and sizes :flowers:
  8. Amy, congratulations on your selection of a very pretty Twilly!

    I hope you really enjoy your Hermes adventures as you are off to a great start!
  9. My favorite!! Enjoy your first H purchase and ......mwahaha......welcome to the orange side!!!:nuts:
  10. Congratulations, Amy.. I also started with a twilly:nuts:
  11. Congratulations, amy! I recently got my first small H too...mine was a cadena. The twilly sounds so pretty...please share some modelling pics when you have time!
  12. What a great first purchase! Congratulations! And you are lucky to have so many bags to try on! Now you know that you will love a 28cm Kelly! How exciting!
  13. Welcome into the world of orange boxes, amy! :welcome: Your new twilly is lovely (I think the pattern is called "Jardin du Nil" or something like that) and so perfect for this time of year. And aren't those little round twilly boxes just soooo cute? As a big Hermes scarf fan, I hope that after you get comfortable with your twilly, you'll try a "big girl" scarf!
  14. Amytude, that's one of my favorite twilly designs.
  15. Congrats on your first h purchase! sounds lovely!