My First Veneta bag

  1. My last thread (Sloane or Veneta). I have decided a Veneta. I just brought a small veneta in Camel colour. I love this colour so much than the classic ebano. The leather was so soft and so beautiful.
  2. Congrats! Any pics for us? I have the Campana in Camel and love the neutral colour.
  3. We seem to have quite a number of Singaporeans on this board now. :smile:
  4. Many Congrats! Did you manage to pick it up in the sale?? Please post pics soon!
  5. Congratulations, trinie, and please do post pics.
  6. Congrats, trinie! Would love to see your pictures...!
  7. trinie congratulations:yahoo: if i didnt have a few venetas, i would probably grab the camel one on sale in NM a while back. it's truly a butterly soft color. good choice!
  8. Congratulations trinie and welcome to the world of BV! I'm sure you will love your camel veneta (and repeat the call for pictures)!
  9. Congrats on your decision and what a great one! :yahoo:The veneta is my favorite. :love:
  10. congrats... lets see some action pics.....
  11. waiting for pics.....
  12. Congrats! Pics please!
  13. great choice, congratulations! :tup:
  14. Yes. Agreed with you. Singaporean now more keen on getting to understand BV. My picture is here.
  15. Beautiful! I really need to get my butt off and set up the Christmas tree already. :shame: