My first VCA piece

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  1. Hi all! I'm usually in the purses section but have recently purchased my very first piece from VCA. Allow me to share my joy with you guys :smile:
    Looking forward to building a tiny collection based on this Alhambra piece. Thanks for letting me share.

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  2. That's a beautiful classic :love:! Excellent choice! Many congratulations and enjoy.
  3. Thank you ** Chanel**
  4. Happy for you. VCA is so beautiful!
  5. Thank you! I love it.
  6. Congrats on your necklace! A classic, versatile piece.
  7. I can't imagine a more perfect first piece to kick off your VCA collection! Onyx with yellow gold is my absolute favorite! Enjoy!!! :smile:
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  8. Beautiful choice. Congratulations!
  9. Beautiful! Congrats and enjoy:smile:
  10. Lovely! Congratulations- I own this piece too and it is so wearable. Just so you know...this is likely to be just the beginning! VCA is quite addictive....
  11. Beautiful! Enjoy!!!!
  12. You nailed it with this one! Awesome first piece. I bought my 10 mop as my first piece and I wish I went with onyx instead.
  13. Thanks all :smile: I was so glad I actually went to a different part of my favorite department store yesterday otherwise I wouldn't have discovered the VCA boutique! I am loving this necklace and I am VERY SURE that another piece will be joining it soon.
  14. Congrats! I'm sure there will be more to come. Enjoy!
  15. Hope I'm not going out of topic here, but can u share why u wish u went with the onyx? I'm deliberating on onyx after having changed my order of mop 10 motif to something else before.

    If it's not convenient to post here, you can PM me instead. Thanks!