My First Vanity....oooh La La!!

  1. Snagged this gorgeous LE Vanity on eBay some time ago & must say, the bag has knocked my socks off! Absolutely gorgeous...a work of Art! Even DH was impressed...:nuts:

    This is the small vanity (11 X 6 X 2), now I would like to try the larger one as well - if I can ever find one. I am not one for a clutch, but the shoulder strap works great and despite the fancy look, the colors are quite neutral & could even be an everyday bag/casual bag for those who don't need a large bag. For me, for those days/times don't want/need more than a wallet, comb & cosmetics, cell phone.

    here is a slide show, check out the fine details...amazing!

    Click twice on any photo to enlarge the photo & slow down the slide show. I included a few pix of our Northwest lifestyle just for fun...(computer mouse, starbucks latte, dive books...)

    And a FENDI Salute to you ALL Enjoy...:yahoo:

  2. Stunning bag, these are so cute and some of the designs are TDF. Really beautiful
  3. Cute! When I was in the outlet in December, they definitely had vanities. You should ask FendiLover whether there are still any and whether they will be on sale. :graucho:
  4. That's one of my favorites. We had it in the outlet but we sold out. A+++++
  5. This is such a classy little bag. It is stunning and it really suits your skintone. I love the Fendi studs all over it and the mirror with the detail in the background. Nice one!
  6. I spy a petrol baby spy on your photobucket page! Time to update the Fendi Spy list!
  7. OMG!! :nuts: I love it! Loveitloveitloveit!!!
  8. You know silly me, it wasn't until I got this gorgeous piece that I realized why this Fendi line was called a "Vanity" ... its not for Vain women BTW :push:, you have a full blown view of your face every time you pick it up, great for putting on make up....:graucho:

    Saich, Lit, Deco, FL, Kavando thank you for the kind tributes to this fine piece...

    I would highly recommend getting this one should you see it at auction or in the stores, can certainly understand why it sold out in the Outlets:smile:!
  9. That bag is adorable- I love it- congrats!
  10. That's a beautiful bag!:heart::heart::heart:
  11. UNIQUE ...

    Congrats :yahoo:
  12. i love this bag. bluefly had a couple of really cute ones, I should have purchased.
  13. you just reminded me that I still owe Fendilover a pic of my vanity bought from her,
    I gotta take a pic ahahahaa
  14. BD - love to see it :nuts:...why don't you post it here. There are a few others on my Wish List!:graucho:
  15. Hehe, as promised, i first post the pic of my vanity. I guess i would post more with outfit.
    I always want to get soemthing from selleria line...