My first Valentino: Rockstud shoulder bag/crossbody/clutch

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  1. Here is my very first Valentino. I have been loving the rockstud collection. I have been a Bal collector so the rockstud is a great transition for me into Valentino.

    This bag is a new-to-me. I didn't even know that it existed until I saw its online auction. It is so versatile. The strap is held under the flap with 2 pieces of leather, so the strap can slide out. You can then use the bag as a clutch without having to tuck a strap into the bag. The strap is just the right length for me to wear as a shoulder bag or crossbody. Nice to be short sometimes :smile: I couldn't believe the compartments / pockets they put into the small bag...SIX!

    I'm so looking forward to using her for evenings out, both casual and dressy.

    (Right now, she is on the way to a leather repair guy. Her sealant on the strap is so tired. I'm not surprised considering how much the skinny straps on the rockstuds bend and move around.)

    Here she is!



    Thank you for visiting my first Valentino reveal.
  2. That looks amazing on you! Congrats!
  3. Love this! Very cute! Am seriously considering the satchel/small textured tote in prune.
  4. Love it! Looks great on you!
  5. Love it!!!! It is every occasion bag from day time to night time!
  6. Congrats! Great bag and so versatile like you said.

  7. Thank you everyone!! I love her so much! She is definitely great for day or night. I can use her on shopping trips and be totally hands-free, or a casual or dressy night out. The love how the gold HW is not super yellow so she will go with any of the jewelry.
  8. That is perfect!
    Enjoy. Great choice!
  9. Love your choice for the first V bag in your collection! It looks great and is a timeless bag! Congrats!