My first Valentino-opinions


Aug 12, 2009
The Land of Bad Hair Days
Hello Valentino Forum!

I have been looking for a "different" bag for my first 2012 purchase and have always admired some of the petale bags from afar. I tend to purchase bags from another designer primarily but would like to branch out.

Given my budget, I prefer purchasing one secondhand and am thinking of one from yoogis.

My questions are (and pls forgive my ignorance):

1. Are these bags dated at this point? Has this house moved more now towards the rock stud bags or other style? Will I look odd carrying this bag now?
2. Do they show wear easily, are they on the more delicate side?

Thanks so much for any input you might have! :biggrin:

tanya t

Jan 3, 2007
I feel that Most Valentino bags are feminine classics and will never go out of style!!!
Some of the Styles are definitely more delicate... it depends on which ones you are looking at....but they are definitely well made and worth every penny especially if you are buying pre loved....
Go for it!!!


Peace Love & Purses
Mar 5, 2010
As long as your petals isn't made out of anything unusual, like beading or sequins it should be pretty sturdy. Petales are not something that are going away. I think we will see them for many years to come.


Jun 13, 2009
Miami, FL
I started buying Valentino just 2 month ago and four bags later I think it is a very classy bags. I got a lot of help from lovely ladies here with buying my bags and think you can get much better deal on ebay using private sellers compate to a large ebay stores. But, again I am not an expert and can be wrong/


Mar 28, 2010
Hi, Yoogis is absolutely reputable and sells authentic bags. Most are classics that are still seen around like petales/histoires/maisons. However, I agree with Marina that you can get better deals on ebay. I find my Valentino bags very sturdy and high quality. Their are a few styles like the rosier that are delicate and not everyday but most wear extremely well and are fine used for a good price.

If you want to authenticate ebay bags, you can use our authentication forum.

Good luck!