My first used bag is a used, dirty, rank, smelly bag. How do I clean the INSIDE?

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  1. Cleaning the outside is pretty self explanatory to me...wipe down with anti-bac wipe or two, glop on some apple guarde cleaner,conditioner ect...But what about the inside?

    Any thoughts or advice is HUGELY appreciated!

    Thank you!
  2. or the inside, i would bring to a professional cleaner
  3. What's the lining made of?
    On a side note, this sounds like the bag I recently won. I can't fathom how a bag could end up like this. Mine smelled like pickles and potatoe chips...thankfully, I got a refund.
  4. That's disgusting. Any chance of getting a refund? If you love it too much, I'd take it to a professional. Good luck.
  5. I bought a purse from eBay that smelled and I just poured some dry oatmeal into the bag and let it sit for few days...also the oatmeal sucks up any oil spilled ..I was so excited toget this purse but it smelled like grape juicy fruit...
  6. I have found that putting a fabric softener sheet inside and airing out in a ventilated room (or outside) helps a lot with odors.

  7. i did the same thing when i bought my pre-loved LV Alma and it worked great!
  8. I would suggest contacting Barb at and get some of her 'odor out candies'. You put one inside of the bag, close it up in a small space for two days and poof, odor gone.

    If the interior fabric is dirty ask your local dry cleaner if he can do something while protecting the leather exterior. If the interior only has some marks that bother you try a Tide Stain Pen.
  9. Also, get that bag OUTSIDE in the fresh air, it can do wonders.
  10. I bought a leather purse off eBay and it smelled like smoke. I've had it in it's dust bag for over two months with one of those Arm & Hammer fridge packs inside the bag. I checked it a week or so ago and it now smells like new leather. I would take it to the cleaners for any stains.l
  11. I promised myself (and my husband) that I am done with used bags on eBay. I probably bought about 6 used bags over the years from eBay, and although I always made sure they said "excellent like new condition", somehow they never seemed to be. One time I got a Marc Jacobs bag that reeked of cigarettes. I am not a smoker and cannot stand even a hint of the smell, but this was saturated in cigarette smell. I got some good advice from tPF, and what seemed to work the best was to wipe the outside down really well with a good leather cleaner (I used Coach brand), then I placed a dryer sheet in each inside compartment and pocket, rubbed it around a little on the inside, and left it outside overnight for a couple of days. It definitely did the trick! Try that.
    Good luck!
  12. I didnt even tell my husband I joined a purse forum....not long ago I was in Winners and I was just browsing through the purse section when I hear a voice saying "----- you dont need another purse" I almost gagged and I could hear the other women gasp...I gave him m y typical do you know what your saying look and then promptly pick up another purse and threw it into my cart...he ran away.

    I shall continue looking on ebay and hope for the best.
  13. Aww that sucks about the smelly bag :sad:

    I bought one very used bag and I ended up returning it. It was a Coach pastel patchwork and it was like 3-4 shades darker than it should have been. The entire bag was filthy, inside and out. It didn't have an odor, but it was just so dirty I would have been embarrassed to carry it. I am still wondering what someone would have to do to a bag for it to get that dirty...

    On your bag, what kind of smell is it? Mildew? Smoke? General funk? I find that different things work better for different smells. Also what is the bag and lining made of? That makes a difference in how it can be cleaned...
  14. >>>I probably bought about 6 used bags over the years from eBay, and although I always made sure they said "excellent like new condition", somehow they never seemed to be.

    I could have written that line of despair. Even the "new with tags" bags I've bought on ebay always seem to come with enough scratches and scuffs to make them look like victims of a bag brawl at a clearance table.

    The last purse I bought on Ebay that reeked of smoke and mildew smelled better after I hung it on a tree branch in the breeze for several days. I was told to put it in a box with crushed newspaper and charcoal. But the tree branch was sufficient.

    There are all sorts of "odor eating" sprays on the market and some advised me to try those. But I was reluctant to spray more chemicals inside the bag and merely mask the odors.
  15. Wow! Thank you all for your wisdom and advice! I am a lot more confident about cleaning my bag now. I think that Im going to leave outside for a bit so that the fresh air can counteract any stenches, go over the outside with anti-bac wipes, a thorough cleaning with Apple Guarde, followed by an Apple Guarde Conditioning and spray. As another poster suggested, I might buy one of those odor eliminators from (Ive heard good stuff about this product). Also, Im looking forward to testing out the fabric softener sheets and baking soda suggestions!

    Thanks again, and I will let you guys know how it worked out!