My first two Rebecca Minkoff handbags in Royal Blue and Chocolate...TDF TDF TDF TDF!!

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  1. I opened the box from Delcina and my pulse started racing. The royal blue is gorgeous! Soft, supple, big, roomy, and sexy.

    I got the same in chocolate...absolutely gorgeous with the gold hardware.

    The blue was 323 with the grechen code and the chocolate was 246 with the grechen code. I love ladies find the greatest deals !

    Im gonna go take some pics. Be back soon!

    Heres a pic from Delcina!

    PS Use the grechen code to save lots of money on this bag!

    PS: I like the morning after bag....but its one of those that "technically" fit over the shoulder. This one, you can easily throw it over the shoulder, even while wearing a heavy coat.

    What do you ladies think?
  2. d_647.gif
  3. I can't see the chocolate one, but I really like that blue! I see what you mean about this being a bit easier to carry than the Morning After. I love the fact that this one can be worn over a winter coat. Very nice!
  4. can you post an actual picture of this bag? i would love to see the colour!
  5. I love the color...I am looking for a bag in this color as well. Good Choice!
  6. foxi! where oh where are the fab photos? :smile: DYING to see how they look!
  7. Royal Blue!
    newbags 046_320x240.jpg newbags 045_320x240.jpg newbags 047_320x240.jpg newbags 042_320x240.jpg
  8. Royal Blue's lining
    newbags 048_320x240.jpg
  9. Chocolate hobo
    newbags 049_320x240.jpg newbags 050_320x240.jpg newbags 051_320x240.jpg newbags 052_320x240.jpg
  10. What do you ladies think! Better than the morning after, the same, or worse? I like the shoulder-action more...what do you think?
  11. I'd love both!!!
  12. I have the regular morning after in chocolate, but I really like the hobo! I can fit the MA over my shoulder, but I think the hobo would be more comfortable. I love my MA, though. So sturdy and versitle.
  13. They are both veeerrrryyyy pretty!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  14. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love::love::love:
  15. LOVE that blue color!