My first TWO LVs!!! Yet I only promised myself 1 and that's IT.

  1. :yahoo:

    Some of you might already know which is my first Louis so no guessing game with the first one!

    Just to update you jellybebe, I got one from Seattle, shipped from Oregon, and when I brought it back to Canada, there was a mark on the handles. I was super disappointed after that + not too great service at LV seattle. Anywhooo, I brought it back to my local LV and my super sweet SA exchanged one for me from the waitlist stock. And to my surprise it's MADE in FRANCE (the one I have originally was made in USA). I was super thrilled!!!! And everything worked out!

    I think from now on, I'd want every single LV I purchase to be from Europe :biggrin: Not that there's anything wrong with it from the US but it's just the warm fuzzy feeling knowing that my bag was sent from and made in Europe is kinda cool.

    Ok pics!

    My SA gave me a bigger box and gave it a *raincoat* hehe. It was drizzling that day when I went in.



    AND TADAAAAA :heart:My First LV! Speedy Azur 30!!! :heart:

  2. ok, hwat is the second?
  3. Yet ONE was not good enough.... :graucho:... So guess what else I got? :p. Below is a pic of the box and the paper bag it came in, keep in mind, it's ONE other thing hehehe.

  4. I know - a wallet! Zippy???
  5. congrats on your new stuff!!~
  6. Cles?? (and I'll be amazed if you stop at 2 the addiction has only just begun my dear)
  7. Oh my LORD~!!! I'm getting that bag again!!!!!!!

    love love love love it!!
  8. Hehe. I know I feel something evil in me starting to come out of the closet the he he.. but! I'm too poor to afford anything else as of now, these two will be good for a loooong while ( I HOPE)

    Couple more pics and I'll reveal it! I promise! I hope I'm not frustrating anyone :graucho:.


  9. Ok everyone is going nuts. Am I right???
  10. congrats!!!

  11. Hahaha. You're too funny! You're so much more excited than me! And darn it you were really close!


    Please welcome my :heart:Pomme D'amour Pochette Wallet! :heart:


    Without Flash.

  12. :popcorn:
  13. Ooo azur zippy?
    Congrats i love your speedy!
    So summery :smile:
  14. Ok I have to get some work done. But I will be checking back, JD!
  15. Gorgeous pieces! Congrats!