My First Twiggy!

  1. So here's my first twiggy in Anthracite and the color is absolutely stunning (I asked specifically for a bag with more teal undertones)! I'm in looovee with the color, and I really like the style, but I'm just a bit concerned that the bag is too small for me (or I'm too big for it, rather)... Does it look silly? :s

    Ahh, I still love it! What do you ladies think?

  2. she's beautiful! love the twiggy and anthracite combo! :smile::heart:
  3. Ohhhh that is a gorgeous color!!!! Personally, I think it looks fabulous on you!!! Not too small at all!
  4. OMG, not at all! You look perfect with that bag. The twiggy is the best size, imo.
  5. very pretty. congrats!
  6. Certainly not! It looks great on you!!! I got my Anthracite Twiggy from AR too, do you love them?! I think the leather on these are fabulous!
  7. Thanks emyrow, twiggers, becca, christie, oo_let_me_see!!

    oo_let_me_see: AR IS fantastic! And the leather on this is awesome! Enjoy your twiggy, we'll be fab together :supacool:
  8. you look great! I dont think its too small on you at all! the twiggy is a very good size IMO... and anthra twiggy is TDF! congrats!
  9. Chickie, I don't subscribe to the idea that a bag's size should have anything to do with a person's size. I think it looks great on you! Congrats on your rapidly growing collection ... now we need a family pic!
  10. You look Mah-velous!!!! Gorgeous bag, Love Anthracite!! :heart:
  11. Gorgeous bag! Love the Twiggy!
  12. I love it! and i think it looks great. just wait till it slouches, it'll look even better!
  13. Hi ali, abbi, purse, kaokim, chalmaz! Thanks for the kind words! I'm quite in love with it now and I even just made a coffee run so I could test drive it :lol:

    abbi: I didn't mean to say that certain people shouldn't carry certain-sized bags--i'm all for wearing what you love! I was just concerned on a different level, like "does this color t-shirt wash me out?" or "does this hairstyle make me look 10 years older?" kind of way... haha, I'm not very good at explaining what I meant..

    chalmaz: I'm so looking forward to when this gets slouchy! Guess that just means I gotta use it often, oh the torture :graucho:
  14. I see what you mean and totally agree! The twiggy looks fierce on you, though, so I say keep it!
  15. I love the color and I think the size is just fine for you!!