My first Twiggy - Anthracite!

  1. My beautiful Anthracite Twiggy arrived yesterday, and I am so in love... with both the colour and the style! I had to sell my '03 white First to buy this one, so I'm really glad it was worth it!

    Anthracite is fantastic, and I got exactly the leather I wanted - SUPER soft, with plenty of distressing and obvious blue/green undertones. The bag even looks dark teal indoors; out in bright sunlight it's amazing. :nuts: Cool light seems to bring out the blue and grey in it, but warmer light makes it look more green.

    As for the Twiggy, I really like the size and the shape on me. I was never a Twiggy fan before (I thought it looked like a loaf of bread), but once I actually tried one on, I was sold. I like the depth and the length. It's not a bag I would stuff, but fortunately everything I need and a few things I don't fit in it really well with plenty of extra room. I also love the way it wraps around me when I wear it messenger-style.

    The picture isn't doing it much justice; it's too overcast here. If the sun comes out I will try again...

    Anthra Twiggy.jpg
  2. yes, another anthracite lover! your bag is gorgeous, congrats!!!!
  3. beautiful twiggy! the twiggy's one my favorite styles, and anthracite is gorgeous-congrats!
  4. Beautiful!
  5. Its very gorgeous!!!
  6. Congratulations:yahoo:

    Enjoy your fabulous anthracite twiggy!
  7. Fabulous colour and a great bag. Congrats and enjoy!
  8. congrats! [​IMG]
  9. Its adorable!!!
  10. whoa! beautiful color!
  11. it's gorgeous! congrats!!!
  12. I love the colors Balenciaga comes up with; this is similar to Ink in that it changes color depending on the lighting.

    Congrats; it is a beautiful bag.
  13. Congrats! Anthracite is gorgeous. I love how the twiggy can fit so much without being stuffed.
  14. Thank you, everybody! I wish I could've gotten a better picture so you could see how gorgeous it really is...
  15. congrats on your gorgeous anthracite! love the style and the color. enjoy her!