My first try...

  1. Hello ladies!!! I was wondering if you can help me decide what chanel handbag I'm going to get. I'm a Chanel virgin:shame: and I don't have a clue what to get. DH says he's getting me one but he wants to know what I like. Can you tell me what a good 'starter' would be? And if it isn't too much to ask.. can you tell me the cost? THANK YOU!!!
  2. My suggestion is to spend some time in the Chanel reference area where there are lots of pictures of Chanel bags, both classic and trendy. There are usually prices along with the pictures.:yes:
  3. ^^^What Mon said...there's lots of great pictures!:yes:
  4. my "first" chanel is coco cabas :p and i LOVE it!
    but it also depends which style you're looking for? something classic/conservative or something "different" ?
    i've had some vintage chanels i got from my families, but this is the one where i spend my own money on a chanel.
  5. :smile: I'm considering getting my first Chanel sometime this season as well!

    I am looking at a shopping tote (size unknown), simply because I like bags that I can transition from casual to work easily. I haven't sold myself on the flap style yet, but I think that will be something that will happen as I learn more about the different styles, etc.

    Let us know what you think after you get a chance to look through the reference information!
  6. I agree w/everyone^^^
    Take a peek through the reference library and see if anything catches your eye. ;)
  7. Thank you, ladies!! I'm starting to like the totes more. I carry alot of stuff with me and I think it'll be a good fix for my chanel obssession :biggrin: I'll just give DH hints later on about the classic flap hehehehe