My first try with snipetool.

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  1. To night I had my first try, and I didn't succed.
    But I just can't figure out howcome ??.

    I link to the auction and could sombody please tell me why :smile:.

    I have the bid at Eur. 312, and the winner had eur. 313.
    That I do understand ;), what I don't understand is, why the winner bid eur 313 2. sek before I bid 312 ??.
    She jumped from eur 265 to 312 before I bid.
    I just don't understand how.
    She has 3492 in feedback, so I'm sure she knows something I just don't :P.

    Hope sombody can help me :biggrin:.
  2. Hi Helle :smile:

    I read some of your posts in another thread, and think you are just so sweet... funny how you get to see others' personalities during a long thread.

    If I am reading your question right, to answer:

    If the other buyer had put in a higher bid than you did, then ebay would automatically just jump the bid up one unit from the next highest bidder. Hmmm... (to rephrase)

    if you were the second highest bidder and bid 312 as your highest bidding point, the highest bidder may have entered a bid for 400 euros (as an example) and then ebay would just put in the next highest amount, which sounded like it was 313. Does that make sense?
  3. Hi Lamblove8,
    thank you som much :blush: - how sweet YOU are :flowers:.

    Yes, your right - funne as one comes to "know" eachother :biggrin:.
    I think it's so nice to talk to you all - have just been to shy, but now I have com out to the light and stopped lurking :graucho:.
    Actually I just found the ebay forum 2 weeks ago (I think), have just been reading a designer forum. But I'm so glad I found you .

    Hmm - I still don't understand :P.

    There was no reason for her to bid eur 313, but she did 2 sek. BEFORE I did, there was no reason to ...
    The snipetool was sat to bid 2 sek. before, It "went off" 5 sek. before - have to try another tool I guess ;).

    Thanks for trying to make me understand :biggrin:.
  4. Actually, I'm pretty new to this forum myself - but I read the really long thread where the LV purse was going to be destroyed in Australia's Customs, and that's where I saw your posts (and thought you are such a sweet person!). :smile:

    I think she may have bid more than 313, perhaps 400, perhaps 350. But Ebay automatically bids for you in that circumstance.

    For example - if YOU were the highest bidder, and you had bid 350 euros for the purse, and the other bidder had bid 312 as their highest possible bid, then ebay would automatically bid 313 FOR you, since your highest bid was 350.

    If your highest bid was 350, but another person bid their highest bid at 400, then ebay would automatically bid 351 (or something like that) for you.

    Does this make sense? :smile:

    You're so welcome - I hope that this helps. Also, I hope that I am understanding the situation correctly. If I am not, someone else please jump in! :biggrin:
  5. I still don't understand :noggin:, or I think I do, but now I think weather you understand my question :lol:(I'll try to ask anotherway).

    How could she (or her tool ;)) know that I (my tool) would bid eur 312 2 sconds BEFORE I bid ??
    She HAD to know somehow, otherwise it makes no sense to me why :smile:, then she should just have stopped at eur 265, and then bid eur 313 AFTER I bid eur 312.

    OMG - must have some english classes I think :wacko:. It's hard to phrase this in a way so others than myself understand ;).
    Well I learn somthing today too.
  6. Unless it was shill bidding, she had no way of knowing what your maximum bid price was.
  7. Ok- I tried to copy and paste the bidding chart, but I couldn't, so see if you can look at the winning chart while you read this, and hopefully I can explain a little better.

    The winning bidder may have bid already at an even earlier time-point. Or, you could have bid at the same time- it's hard to tell. But we don't know how much she bid - I can almost guarantee that she didn't bid 313 euros.

    You see the person who bid 264? Well, if the winning bidder put in a bid at, for example, 400 euros, then it would have automatically entered a bid for her at 265. She most likely did not bid 265 - most likely she bid something like 350 or 400, and ebay automatically generated (created) a bid of 265 because she had already out bid the person who bid 264.

    When you used your sniper tool to bid 312, ebay automatically generated a bid for her of 313 - because her bid was already higher than 312. It's possible that she bid 313, but not much chance of possibility. Most likely she bid something like 320, 330, 350 etc. and ebay automatically bidded for her to match the lower bids - both the person before you,and you.

    Does this make any sense? I know it's confusing! :P
  8. I think I get what you're saying, but don't have an answer - sorry!

    I think what OP means is that the bid of the highest bidder was upped before anyone had outbid them - whereas usually it requires someone to bid against them in order for ebay to automatically bid up to their maximum. So how could the winning bidders bid go from 265 to 313 without anyone bidding in between, as it happened before the snipetool kicked in.

    Reading that back it confuses me and I wrote it, but hope that maybe someone can make sense of it haha!
  9. Oh yes, it makes sense :biggrin:, and that I understand.
    I still don't get it, but I'm glad you keep on trying to explain for me :flowers:.

    I'm sorry be be so slow :wacko:
  10. I make sense out of it :yahoo:- that's what I mean - just can't figure out how to made the question right.

    You understand my question but don't have an answer, would have loved if you had :balloon:.
  11. No I think you'r right, but if you read post from annaspanna33 - she has rephrased my question in a much better way, perhaps you can tell me what happened :biggrin:.
  12. Thank you for breaking this down - I hope that I can explain what I feel happened a little better based on your response.

    I don't believe the seller bidded from 265 to 313, or that there were two bids. If you look at the timeline for which the bidding happened, you can see that the bidding occurs sort of quickly there in the last couple of seconds.

    The high bidder most likely bid ONCE, and that bid was high enough so that when the bidder of 264 entered their bid, ebay automatically generated a bid of 265. Then when Helle entered 312, the high bidder hadn't changed their bid in my opinion. Their bid was jut higher than both 264 AND 312 - therefore, ebay automatically generated the next possible bid in both cirumstances.

    I hope this is a little more clear, and I hope that it answers this question. If not, forgive my obtuse inability to understand the question - I want very much to help Helle understand what happend.

    And Helle, I am like you - my brain works very intensely. When I try to do something, I keep trying until I feel that I have a satisfactory ending. If I am still not understanding and/or if my answer is still incorrect, I will keep trying to undersatnd until I can give a satisfactory response! :biggrin:

  13. I think the only issue is that the bid jumped before another bid was entered - my guess is that the timings shown on eBay just must not be accurate?
  14. No, it didn't jump before the next bid was entered - it jumped just at the very moment when the next bid was entered > i.e. the next (312) bid triggered it to jump. Just as Lamblove says - it was at the 265 level until Helle's bid came in, and would have ended at that. If the very first (or second, etc.) bid would have been over 312 €, then that first bid (dating from days before) would have jumped up the same way with every subsequent bid. Sorry if it sounds a bit hazy :smile:
    Don't give up, snipe-tools are superb - I saved a LOT of money with them!! ;) And don't feel bad about losing out on this bag - one never knows what the winner's max. bid was, probably 500+? (at least that's what I keep telling myself whenever I get outbid... Hope this helps!)
  15. I'm so glad you keep on trying :flowers:but I'm afraid I have to have outside help now :P. I have a friend with family in the US, so her english is much much better. I'm going to visit her next week and will have her translate this, and make me understand .

    My mind works that way too - newer quit until it understands - APIA sometimes ;).

    I'll be back :graucho:.

    Yes - it's the seconds that bothers me - I understand why I was outbid - but not how it happened :biggrin:.

    "Just as Lamblove says - it was at the 265 level until Helle's bid came in"
    no it jumped 2. sec. BEFORE my bid came in - thats what I don't understand .

    No no I won't give un - just have another tool - this one doesn't work properly. It was set to bid 3 sec. before end, but did 5 befre the end.

    I think it's exciting, even when outbid :nuts:. If it's a must have - then I'll just set the amount hit enough to get it - otherwise I'll try to get a bargain, sometimes I'll hopefully get lucky :yahoo:.

    I'll be back nex week when I totally understand all the explanations you all have been so sweet to give me :hugs: