My first trip!

  1. Yay!! I was finally able to go into the Charlotte, N.C. Hermes today for the first time! ^_^ Sorry this is all probably really noob-ish :push:

    It was (obviously!) very lovely, and the SA working there was very pleasant. I was worried at first that I'd be snubbed :p They had some lovely Twillys that I really liked, and so many colors for the agendas! (I just wish I could have figured out which ones were which, but they were all behind glass and lined up like books and I didn't want to bother the SA with them, since I'm not buying until this coming weekend ^^) Though if anyone has a rundown of Agenda types with their costs (for normal-ish, non-croc/ostrich/lizard leathers) any help would be greatly appreciated! :smile:

    They also had a number of the cute little fruit and animal key chains (how much are those? lol) and they had a **bunch** of the enamel bracelets. They also had a bolide in a beautiful bright pink leather that I was lusting over :drool: They also had what I believe was a Gao in a lovely blue color.

    I wish I could think of something else that is nice and useful that I could buy along with the agenda, twillys, and pocket squares, but I'm drawing a blank :confused1: I looked for the Forcat Lime necklace that someone had mentioned, but I didn't see it, just a larger, thicker chain with some type of charm on it.

    Anyhoo I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and look forward to making (and posting! ^_^) my first purchases sometime Saturday or Sunday!
  2. Neeya, you made a great first trip! We all have to step foot inside an Hermes boutique for the first some point, and now that you know your way around the store, you'll know what to ask to see next visit!

    I, too, am looking forward to a Charlotte Hermes visit in the near future.....:yes:
  3. I'm glad you had a good time Neeya, hopefully you can get all your want list taken care of this year, you've got 11 months to go! :yes:
  4. Glad you had a good time and looking forward to hearing about your upcoming weekend visit! You should definitely ask an SA to show you the different types of agendas along with the refill inserts so you can see all the options. There are so many and you really need to see them with the refill calendar options in them to know if it will work for you.

    The smaller zip agenda (binder only) run from about $500 and up I believe depending on leather. Prices for refills can be seen on the Hermes website The Globetrotter (very large!) zip in Chevre is around $1,475.

    The Ulysee notebook in TPM (smallest model) is around $235 or so and then you need to add in the cost of the blank pages--can't remember how much that is.
  5. Nice info Orchids! I'm glad your first visit went well and looking forward to seeing pics of your purchases to come!