My first trip to the Fendi Boutique

  1. I finally got to go to the Fendi boutique (short hills mall), and I LOVED it! So many gorgeous bags!! While I couldn't afford a new bag, I did get a couple of pairs of shoes for 60% off!! Hopefully I can take better pics soon :yes:
    shoes2.jpg patent2.jpg
  2. Wow, how fun! I've never been in a Fendi boutique...would be pure bliss I'm sure! Yes the pics of your fab new shoes are a little dark but congrats and enjoy!!
  3. Were all of the shoes 60% off? Also - do you know how long the sale is running? I still have a new pair of Fendi pumps under my bed that I haven't shown my husband yet, but I can't resist a good sale! Congrats on your new shoes!
  4. I can't see the pictures are those the pumps with the buckle? I was eyeing those at holts but they were original price so I didn't bother! Good thing you got such a good deal!

    ps-did you see any spy bags on sale (we didn't have any spys on sale at Fendi in Holts)? I keep trying to call Saks about this one that I want but they are always closed!
  5. yes, they are the patent pumps with the buckle. They were $198 (according to my receipt orig. price was $475. If you want, I can give you the phone # to the store and the name of the SA that helped me. She was great!
  6. I dont think they had any bags on sale at all though.