My First Trip To Chanel, And..

  1. I left there pissed and empty handed. :cursing:

    I went to the store located in Northern Virginia, excited about buying my first bag and was greeted by a snooty SA who acted like she didn't want to show me any bags. I don't know, maybe I was dressed too "casual" and didn't look like I could afford a Chanel. :shrugs: The SA reluctantly showed me a bag but I didn't care for it. She put it back on the shelf and then walked away from me. I saw another bag I wanted to check out but at that point I didn't want to bother with the SA any longer so I left. I really want a Chanel but if that's the way a new customer is treated, I don't want any parts of it. :sad:
  2. that's an SA issue, not a Chanel issue:nogood: I've never been mistreated my a Chanel SA and I am QUEEN of CASUAL! :p

    I'd have left too and go back and use a different SA or try a different store altogether.
    I'm sorry that was your first impression:sad:
  3. Sorry to hear that, I can say I've encountered similar situations at many different luxury boutiques, I don't let it bother me anymore because they lose the potential sale which only hurst them. Many retail establishments have gone down in customer service over the years due to SA's with bad attitudes and it's only going to hurt them in the long run, me I find a person I like and I buy from them or I buy online if I can, I'm glad you just walked out though I'm sorry you didn't leave with anything. I'm sure you'll find someone good to work with in the future, they ARE out there but that would have totally taken away from the experience had you bought from that snooty SA.
  4. Oh, no! I'm in Virginia Beach, and that's the store I always deal with. I only buy from Indra, though, and she's very nice. I know she's been gone for a few day's vacation, but will be back on Wednesday. If you go back, ask for her and tell her Tammy sent you. I mainly do charge sends, since I'm three hours away, but I've been in the store a couple of times, and I always just wear capris or jeans.
  5. Yes , that is defintely an SA issue. If you are talking about the Chanel Boutique at Tysons Galleria, I have spoken with very good SA's and a couple who are not as helpful. If one is not responsive don't be afaid to look for another one and if asked let the unresponsive one know (nicely) why you changed.
  7. I agree, I'm usually never dressed up when I'm shopping, I mean I'll have nice jeans and accessories on but casual, I mean you're shopping what are we suppose to wear and evening gown:rolleyes:. I think some SA's assume I'm young and not serious about buying sometimes but that's when I'll start talking to them so they realize I know the lines, they tend to warm up to me after that.......
  8. I wish I knew more about the lines but I don't. I don't even know the name of the bag I want. It looks like the PST/GST but it has the short, rolled, leather handles instead of the chain strap. I wanted to inquire about the bag but at that point I just said forget it.

    Can someone help me with the bag I mentioned? There's another Chanel boutique in Northwest, DC, so I may try my luck there.

    Thanks again everyone. :smile:
  9. Even still, it really shouldn't matter if you know the lines or not, you're there for them to tell you about them and potentially sell you an item, it's still a shame that not every SA gives good customer service. IMO they shouldn't have the job if they don't but again, I try to not let it get to me anymore, the girls here will help you find someone good to work with !
  10. I've encountered similar situations. I normally ask them what the hell their problem is and then ask for the manager or leave. Sad part of luxury shopping... snooty salespeople.
  11. Hey there...I'm new to this board and new to Chanel shopping myself, and feel just as indignant as you do about the treatment you received.

    I've been spending a lot of time in this board's reference library, looking at bags that interest me...but by no means do I remember all of their names. I've also read here that many SAs don't even refer to the bags by these names.

    None of that matters, though...I recommend that you make an appointment with the good SA mentioned by PPs and pull a Pretty Woman on the rude, unhelpful SA, by trotting out of there with a fantastic new bag that she just lost the sale on!
  12. It's definitely a SA issue, not a Chanel issue. I received snooty service once at NM in Newport Beach and haven't been back since. There are a ton of SA's that are dolls and bend over backwards to make sure their client is happy. I'm sorry this happened to you w/your first trip to Chanel. If you do go back to this store, DON'T buy from the snooty SA. She doesn't deserve a penny from you.
  13. I think the bag you want is the Medallion tote. As for Tysons, my sister lives in Great Falls; the area is affluent and a little snooty but as others stated, not all people/sa's are like that. My sister can't stand shopping at Tysons because of the attitude of some s/a's.
  14. Try Farrah at the Tysons boutique or pretty much anyone at Tysons Neiman Marcus. Also, Sandra from accessories in Chevy Chase is really sweet and great with Chanel. I'm sorry you had a snooty SA/ I would just ignore her or complain to the manager.