My first trip to an outlet store...OMG, I am in love!

  1. Hi...Not new to tPF, but usually in the LV area alot...but had to come and share.

    I went to my first outlet store! WOW! I was so impressed!

    They had so much, and all so reasonable! The service was amazingly great!

    I got:

    ** red textured leather baby bag/tote....I love this size and have the white and blue optic...I never knew it came in leather!

    **black leather wristlet w/ a bucket pocket

    **^^same, in white

    **a white medium planner

    **bubble print bandana

    **bumble bee wrist strap (to go with my white optic tote :smile: )

    Thanks for letting me share!
  2. Wow, sounds like you had a fabulous shopping day! :yahoo: I hope you post pictures, I'd love to see all your finds.:yes:
  3. glad you found some stuff you liked! seems like you got some incredible pieces!
    we want to see some pictures!
  4. Here's a pic, sorry it is so bad, my DH has my camera in China :crybaby: , so I had to use my sidekick.

  5. I have that white wristlet in a blue with brown trim. I bought it on my very first Coach outlet outing and almost 4 years later I am STILL using it (EVERYDAY, I might add!). It's gone from being a purse to a wallet to a makeup bag to a coin purse and everywhere else in between. :biggrin:

    And that scarf is gorgeous!
  6. Gorgeous stuff! I have the same bandana :biggrin: but I have yet to use it :rolleyes: congrats on your finds!
  7. Wow, sounds like you went on a shopping spree. Would love to see pics sometime. Enjoy
  8. gorgeous!
  9. beautiful! love those wristlets!
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. twinkle. i loveeeeee your red bag! it's the perfect everyday bag that you can pretty much throw around if you want and it'll be fine (scruffed but that goes with age).
  12. Thanks everyone! I liked the tote in black, too...was hard to decide.
  13. red goes with black AND brown =)

    black will only go with black, and not brown.

    then again, i'm one of those wierd people that doesn't like mixing brown with black..the only time i do is when i wear my brown (dark) winter coat with my uniform...which is black of course.

    but thank God it's long, so it covers most of it. :upsidedown:
  14. I love your stuff- congrats and thanks for sharing. I think the red in the tote is scrumptious (and I am a weirdo who does mix black and brown, but I think red goes best with both!). Enjoy and welcome!
  15. i like that bag, but i had never thought of buying the baby bag. do you use it like a handbag or for a book bag?