My first trip to a REAL Louis Vuitton store

  1. will be tomorrow. I have bought 5 of my bags (and assorted accessories) from ELuxury because I never knew (until today) that there was a Louis Vuitton store 30 minutes from me (in Atlantic City). I always thought the closest one was 90 minutes away (King of Prussia). Yes, it took me 3 years to realize this. So, this is good and bad.

    I am dying to buy the Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30, but have gotten mixed reviews from everyone on TPF, so I need to see it in person.

    Wish me luck and let me know if you have any advice! I am a little nervous. (Is that even normal?)
  2. hehehe
    it is normal
    the first time u are in the boutique it feels amazing ;)
    good luck
    I hope u get a good SA so he/she will make ur first experience unforgetable :biggrin:
  3. i was so nervous going in to lv the first time and i still sometimes get a feeling like i don't belong. even worse- going in to hermes this week! eep! i almost tinkled. lol. have fun! try on all the bags and enjoy it!
  4. Don't be nervous !! Have a good time !
  5. have fun! it's good to see bags you want to purchase beforehand, totally changes your views on them
  6. Have a great time! Don't get all starry-eyed like I did. Try to look at all the bags you can and enjoy yourself. You're in for a lot of fun!!
  7. Take your time. You might decide on something else or end up like most of us getting more than what we plan to get.
  8. Have a nice time and post about your visit. The bad part about it all is irl it looks much more amazing and you'll want to buy more than you went in for.
  9. Aww congrats, I hope you have fun!!
  10. have a great time ... my first time in a store was for a repair so i was pretty angry going in. Hope your time is better!
  11. Good luck...stay focussed...hope you don't get TPF fever and walk outta there with a million bags!

    Oh, and have fun!
  12. dont be too hard on yourself...the store in atlantic city has only been open for a couple of months ;)
  13. ohhh! good luck! hope you like the mini lin!! it's too cute!
  14. Good Luck! ....... just don't come out with the whole store. :p