My first Treesje bag arrived

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  1. And I am in love!! Here is my lipstick asher. The color is darker red, like a brick red...very beautiful! I love this bag!!

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  2. Congrats - love the bag!
  3. Very nice! You and the bag both look great!
  4. Beautiful! Lipstick is a great color. Looks like it's the perfect size on you.
  5. Congrats!! Its beautiful.. I love the color.. I just received my first Treesje too! I think I found a new brand to obsessive over..Lol
  6. Wow, I always passed on the Lipstick thinking it was too bright. That is an awesome shade of red and not Bright at all. It's beautiful. Congrats.
  7. Thanks! I was really worried about the red too, because every picture I saw seemed to show a different tone. I wasn't sure what I was going to get! It is really lovely though...exactly what I had hoped for.

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments! I know this is really a fall color, but I may cheat and start carrying it now because I love it so much!
  8. love the asher, and that is a beautiful shade of red, congrats! you will love this bag, it's so functional and I love the different ways it can be carried.
  9. Love it! It's such a gorgeous deep red.
  10. The lipstick asher was my second treesje bag and I think that it is the best red -- dark, but not too dark, and I love the gunmetal hardware. I carry mine all year long and I think that it looks lovely in the summer sun.

    Congrats on your first treesje!!
  11. The color is gorgeous! Congrats on your first Treesje! I have my first on the way too and can't wait!
  12. CONGRATS!! I love the Asher!:heart: That is a gorgeous color and it looks great on you!!
  13. Where's the reveal?!?!?:yahoo:

  14. Thanks everyone. I figure it is a sign that I am really smitten when I have to keep going in my bedroom to take a peek at her! ;)
  15. GORGEOUS! I am a huge fan of BRICK reds.. I love this bag on you. You look beeyuteeful.