My first Treesje....A Grey Turner

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  1. First off Congrats on your new bag!!!! It's soo pretty...
    And second, that is not a silly question... I thought I was the only one who was unsure on how to pronounce Treesje... I didn't want to own a bag and not know how to say the brand so I called the store on off hours to hear the message and the true way to pronounce :roflmfao:
  2. LOL, not a silly question! We've all been there, don't worry! ;) This thread has a link to a video where Laura and Sheila say the name: How do you say Treesje. The best way I can describe it is "TRAY-zhuh" (or with a soft J sound, like Lexie described). The video definitely helps! ;)
  3. Can we get some more pics of this beauty??:heart:
  4. I have a silly question, is Turner a fall 09 style? I happened to come across really good sale on line (PM me if you want to know which store) and they have Turner in turquoise with golden studs and it looked so scrumptious I felt like rubbing my face into the leather. I am in general a lover of this deep teal/aqua/turquoise color I keep on getting bags in that color-my bag collection looks like waters of the Caribbean islands. I see Turner on the Treesje website, and I also see color turquoise on many bags there but not Turner in that color which makes me wonder if the style is recent
    if it is, I got a damn good deal on this bag, better than I could imagine
  5. Yup, the style is recent! If I'm not mistaken, the Stone collection (the collection with the studded bags like the Turner, Marley, Halen, Jovi etc) is a new Treesje collection for the Fall 2009 line. The Turner was released slightly earlier than the others in the Stone collection, though, and the Stone collection is one of the earlier ones to be released from the Fall 2009 line.

    Congrats on the deal! Do post pics when you get the bag! ;)
  6. I have not bought it yet, but was tempted-the price is too good to pass up-$342 and free shipping. I am so broke already from all the sample sales I have visited-Gilt, Ideeli, RueLaLa, etc, not sure if I will get this one
    if I do, I will post pics
  7. Congrats! The leather looks so soft and I love the pleat and studs!
  8. I am pretty sure that it is a new style for fall, as I still see it on the LB website for full price. I did see the turquoise version on sale as well, and I was soooo tempted to get it, but I'm usually drawn to more neutral colours for larger bags.
  9. Thanks Tara and KDO! I just love this bag. I haven't even used it yet because the weather keeps calling for rain, but it hasn't rained yet!! ITs driving me insane!

    But thanks for the pronuncation ladies! I watched the video, and now I don't feel so dumb :P
  10. And at ZombieGirls are more pics of my lovely...

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  11. And here are a few more. I never know what to take pics of....

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