My first Treesje....A Grey Turner

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  1. Hello Everyone! I'm usually on the RM subforum, but I recently fell deeply in love with this gorgeous bag, and finally took the plunge. I was able to get it from a very lovely TPF'er. I love it more than I thought! I love the buttery soft leather, and the gunmetal hardware, and of course the gorgeous studs!

    She just arrived from the PO, and I was so anxious to get her open that I just ripped the box open, and took a picture for you gals.

    I'm a RM fan, but I think I've found another love...:graucho:

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  2. Congrat! The turner is one of my very favor.. don't you just love the leather plus the gunmetal studs.
  3. Oooh CONGRATS!! Welcome to Treesje!!:flowers: I love the leather with the gunmetal HW!!:heart:
    Isn't the quality amazing??
  4. Gorgeous bag!! I love the studs on the turner!
  5. Ah...the leather looks so delish!!! Congrats!
  6. The more I see the grey...the more I want this color. Very nice bag!
  7. You'll find lots of us RM lovers love Treesje. They are very different looking bags and I think you'll be pleased with the quality and lack of QC problems.
  8. Love this style, congrats!
  9. Looks like a squishy piece of heaven!!!
  10. Welcome, and congrats! Treesje's leather and hardware are amazing, no? :love: The gunmetal studs are definitely beautiful, congrats again! Hope you enjoy using the bag!
  11. You got a nice bag. Congratulations!:yahoo:
  12. I love the Gray Turner! Congrats!!
  13. Ivy, Zombie girl, Ilovehandbags, scoobiesmamma, madgiggler, shop2drop, stark, alwayslove, lvdreamer - Thanks! I am so in love with this bag, the gunmetal hardware is so awesome, the studs are so cool, and the leather is TDF! I just want to pet it all day long!

    Lexie - I do find that alot of RM fans are on here as well, and so far I am totally impressed with the quality of this bag. I can't to get more!!

    MSG - Yes, it is the squishiest leather I've ever had. I just want to run my face across it :smile:
  14. Silly Newbie question - how do you pronounce Treesje?
  15. Like Tray-Jah (soft J)