My first TPF reveal!!.....20% off I Love It!!

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  1. Is anyone up for a reveal!! It's my first time so I hope I can do this right!!
  2. Take it off! Take it off!
  3. Ooh...let's see. I'm here!
  4. I'm here
  5. yippee! I am in time for a live one :yahoo:
  6. Quick open up the packages.....
  7. Here's the first one!
  8. Pretty idea
  9. It's a burnt orange and it is beautiful!! It's the Soho Pleated Leather Tote

  10. The color is TDF!
  11. wow I really am enjoying these new soho reveals! I love that color!
  12. Here are pics of the back and the inside

  13. The SA at my outlet said she thinks they just might sell out of this color!!
  14. first time I have seen the soho
  15. Okay here is number two!!