My First TPF Modeling Pics...Ali!

  1. You wonderful ladies helped me to decide on my Whiskey Ali. I received her at New Year's and have just taken her out for her first spin today. Here are some pics! I am so proud of her!:heart:

    I put my new charm I got on eBay on her for a little hint of spring.

    I have my matching legacy stripe turnlock keyfob with my work keys attached to the brass ring inside...

    I am so pleased with Ali!
    NewCoachPurse1.jpg NewCoachPurse2.jpg NewCoachPurse3.jpg NewCoachPurse4.jpg NewCoachPurse6.jpg
  2. beautiful!!
  3. She looks amazing on you! I have this bag too and I love her! Congrats!
  4. Very nice! Thanks for the pics!
  5. Love it! It looks great on you! Thanks for sharing!
  6. The perfect bag. I cannot say it enough! It looks wonderful on you!
  7. Thank you so much for posting those photos! I just won a whiskey ali on eBay Friday night and I'm getting so excited to receive it. I never really thought I liked the ali, but something came over me and the next thing I knew, I was the winner! It looks terrific on you. Not too big like I was afraid it was going to be. I'll post photos of mine when it arrives.
  8. Isn't she just darling? I love my whiskey Ali. Looks great on you!:yes:
  9. Thank you everyone! Really, I am just thrilled with this bag. (I am also thrilled I convinced dh to take a picture of me with a!) Donnalynn11, I think you will love it! She is definitely not too big. Roomy, but just right!
  10. Good choice... that bag looks so comfy!
  11. congrats! :yahoo: The Ali is a great bag!!! :tup:
  12. You look great in it!! Congrat :smile:
  13. Nice...That leather is so yummy!!!
  14. Great pics and beautiful purse. The purse looks good on you!
  15. Congrats! I love my whiskey Ali!