My first Tory Burch! <3

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  1. During the last shopbop 20% store wide sale, I wanted to get something from RM. However I stumbled across this crossbody bag from Tory Burch and I'm hooked!! It's a good size, quite comparable to the MAC Clutch (from RM)

    I am loving the leopard prints and the subtle logo!!!! I'm also a gold hardware sucker! Heh! New fan of Tory Burch now!! And it's really spacious, excited to use it soon! :smile:

    Anyway my bag came without a dust bag but I've contacted shopbop for it and they've shipped it out! I took my friend's shopping bag for photoshoot purposes!

    Sorry I had to paste a link here cuz I can't upload any pics here directly :sad:
  2. Really cute! I love the leopard!
  3. Cute! Congrats!
  4. woo! your bag is cute and beautiful! :smile:
  5. How cute! Congrats on your new bag!
  6. Thanks guys! I went to my local boutique and did a check: it's selling at SGD470!!! I only got it for SGD260+! The ridiculous racking up of prices in singapore is insane! :sad:
  7. It is beautiful! Good choice :loveeyes:
  8. Very pretty. Have you had issues of color transfer?

  9. Not yet though it's too early to say as I've not used the bag yet!
  10. Congrats!!
  11. So I finally brought out my bag on Sat to Sentosa :biggrin:



    I adjusted the length to the shortest and I'm standing at 1.59m. Ends nicely at my hips! Hope this helps!
  12. Love the leopard! Very unique
  13. WoW, your bag is soooo cute! Congrats! :smile:

  14. Yeah I'm kinda a sucker for leopard prints lol!! Knew I had to get this when shopbop was having a great discount! Haha and also because I own lots of RMs that I needed a change of my bag brands lol!

    Hehe thank you! :biggrin:
  15. So cute!!

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