My First Tokis!

  1. This weekend I purchased my first tokis. I know I'm a little late with these but since my family's business has been doing so well, I thought I'd splurge for my hard work :smile: Ciao Ciaos in L'amore and Transporto!


    My favorite part of the L'amore print:


    I know I sound like a complete n00b but I love how everyone has a vehicle

    Unfortunately I'll be missing the re-launch of Vacanze. But I am anxiously awaiting the re-release of Foresta (which an SA told me will be early '08).
  2. nice bags!!! =)
  3. very nice! I hope you enjoy them
  4. Caley, very cute!
  5. Yay Caley......I knew you would fall for them! I like the Ciao style too but I have the Ciao (smaller one). Your bags are soo cute!
  6. Congrats ! :graucho:
  7. Love your amore ciao ciao. Congrats!
  8. thanks everyone!!! now my bastardino figure has some siblings :smile:
  9. Caley, those are great! Congrats on your wonderful rewards!! :cutesy:
  10. love the amore! :heart:
  11. I thought only the foresta will be re-release only in hawaii?...
  12. yes, foresta will only be re-released in hawaii. apparently what the SA told me was the wrong information. the only way i can get to ala moana is to fly or have them do a charge/send since i live on maui.