My First Tokidoki!

  1. Thanks to stinabitten and nyshopaholic for their feedback! I went everywhere today looking for the Buon Viaggio, but only found one in black. Every store in Honolulu was sold out of the Buon Viaggio! I was set on buying a Tokidoki this weekend, so I settled on the Zucca in the Vacanze print. I love it! It is so comfortable and holds a lot of stuff!
    tokidoki 4.JPG
  2. That is gorgeous! I especially love the little penguin and the skeletrino cat!
  3. Aww you got the cute eskimo in there! Lovely first tokidoki bag! And if that is your Burberry collection in your sig, it's definitely different! I hope you use your zucca sometime!
  4. dawww, that's a super adorable zucca! It has the inuit guy and penguins smack-dab center. I'm sorry to hear you couldn't find the BV though. Still, that's a pretty sweet bag there :biggrin:
  5. the lady in LeSportsac ala moana told me they're re-ordering the vacanze print sometime next month when i was there buying the tutti print.
  6. Thanks everyone! I love my Burberrys, but wanted something different! I started using the Zucca today for work and love it! It felt like I wasn't even carrying a bag! I was hoping they would bring the Inferno print back, but you're right glosspitality, next month they are bringing another shipment in with the Vacanze as well as the Paradisio.