My First Tokidoki

  1. Christmas Eve the UPS guy came to my house with a package. I saw my husband pulling the package out of the brown box. I was watching him like a hawk. He had enough nerve to ask ME to put the box under the tree! So, I did. I kept on looking at the package. Hmm A robe? Shoes? I had no idea what was in the box. He covered the wording up. Christmas morning came. I opened all my other presents first then it was time to open that brown box. I opened it up slowly. Open up the tissue paper and there she was. OMG. I'm still in shocked! Come to find out. My husband has been lurking and reading about tokidoki's and was trying to find a website to order from!! My husband on a purse forum? OH MY!! He finally found a tokidoki on!!:yahoo:



  2. Congratulations! My husband bought me the Tokidoki Storm Cloud necklace and a couple vinyl toys for Xmas. He too has been learning the "sources" for buying Tokidoki.
  3. Aww! That's sweet. I love stories like that. :biggrin:
  4. Congrats! Very nice Christmas:tup:. My husband is learning about all of the the toki venues, I've been not so subtley hinting about wanting the 2 new cactus cats! I put my fav. toki website in the "favorites" folder on the computer to make it easy.
  5. Aww!!!! What a sweet guy!
    It's beautiful!
  6. Congrats! I have almost the exact-same placement as you, except mine is backwards and a bit lower! Enjoy!
  7. that's lovely! i hope he got it with the 25% off.
  8. Awesome placement on the bag!! Congrats!! My husband apparently is blind and did not see the front page 25% off code. I returned my stuff anyways bc I didn't like it! LOL.
  9. that is so sweet, my boyfriend would never try to brave looking, he just offered to buy me one by paying me back. that's cute that he took the time out.
  10. hah! my guy friend told me the same thing, but i got him into tokidoki and he started to read the forum. heheheh


    that's so sweet of your husband. what a nice surprise!
  11. aww. =D

    my bf is on a makeup forum HAHA =D
  12. haha I drop my boyfriend hints about tokidoki bags all the time! I think that should help him in an upcoming Valentine's Day!

    You have a lovely bag OP! Great placement and just lovely!
  13. How cute! I have a crazy collection of Tokidoki items. My boyfriend knows of my obsession. I warned him when we started dating. ^^

    He started to listen and pay attention. He got me the 2 Cactus Pups and the shoes for Christmas.

    Just yesterday, he told me of a store that has the print of Tutti with the two characters I want and in the Zucca style.

    He also got into it because at Comic con this year, he bought the hat with the bulldog and adidos on it. He loves Adidos and Ciao Ciao.

    Congrats on your new bag!!
  14. Wow!!! Congrats!!! It looks great in the BV style! Your husband has good taste! It's nice that he really surprised you!!
  15. Oh my gosh!! This is such a cool coincidence! My husband also got me a Vacanze BV for Christmas! He ordered it from Tobi with the 25% off promo code and got the free shipping too! lol Aren't husbands just wonderful?! Congratulations! I think it's an excellent choice for your first Tokidoki bag!! ^_^