My first Tokidoki!!

  1. I am so excited! she is so beautiful. I have been wanting one of these bags sooooo long like since the first season and I really wanted a Pirata print...

    So tonight I was in Macy's and I saw it. One Pirata Buon Viaggio :heart:. I cried! It was on clearance for $80. I got to the cashier and my grand total?

    $58.90!!!!!! :yahoo:

    I am so super happy and for anyone in the area its the macy's at annapolis mall, they have more bags on clearance and different prints as well :tup:

    I wish I could post a pic but my camera is broken :sad:
  2. Sorry ya'll I meant mamma mia style lol Im just so happy
  3. congratulations! that's a great find ;)
  4. Wow. it's a really good deal. Congrats!
  5. but i have a question. I am confused. Since this is my first, How do I know if its a BV or a MM. The lesportsac tag was gone, it had a replacement price tag the qee and everything was normal. I just don't know! lol I keep reading that the BV is large but I like big bags and this doesnt seem that large? Should I just break out the measuring tape?

    The orig price was $160 that help?
  6. it is a boun vaggio if it was originally $160

  7. I think the Annapolis Macy's is the only department store around that carries Tokis. I haven't been there yet, though, because they didn't have any on sale last I checked. Oh, maybe the Bloomingdales at White Flint does, too. And be sure to check out a Loehmann's, they have a ton of Bianco in right now.

    Good tip about Annapolis Macy's. I will go there soon!
  8. congrats on your first toki andicandi!! That was a great deal!! :tup:
  9. congrats on your bag! looking forward to seeing it when you get a chance to post a pic. i wish the macy's here (nyc herald sq) had the selection and the excellent sale prices. i think they just get gobbled up here really quickly! wishing you a great time with your new bag!
  10. Tokidoki doesn't seem to be that big a deal here in the Balto./DC area, and not a lot of stores sell it. Annapolis Macy's may be the only store that has stuff beyond the DC Beltway. I know from talking to the Macy's SR a few months ago that those bags just weren't selling, so they still had a bunch.
  11. That's a great deal, andicandi!!!
  12. Ok ok so I think I am addicted because they are on clearance, but i went back and made up an excuse (I need to carry my schoolbooks ;) ) I bought a Campeggio in Spiaggia :yes: Now I want some stuff in Tutti!

    Did I mention I opened a macy's account...
  13. Let the fun begin! :nuts: Toki is crazy addictive, especially at such great deals.
  14. Ohh, I didn't know any stores in annapolis carried tokis. I'm heading that way next week to do some christmas shopping so i'll have to look around and see what they have