my first tokidoki!

  1. this is my first post in this thread, since i'm normally a LV connoisseur, but yesterday was my birthday, and my sister gave me this bag that i had fallen in love with at macy's one day! the pirata canguro! :yahoo:
  2. omg your pirata canguro is really pretty! you got a really good scene with the girls!
  3. nice! :] i like your little pup in your avatar too haha!
  4. That's the best Pirata Canguro I've seen!
  5. Sophiae I love your canguro!!! Everyone is right ... you got great placement!! congrats :woohoo:
  6. Ooooooooo:huh:oo, very cute! I have yet to get a toki as a gift :cry: lolz.
  7. i also like the print on your canguro. congrats on your first tokidoki piece!
  8. Before long, you'll be as hooked as the rest of us, scavenging through international websites and cursing the exchange rate.:nuts:
  9. haha congrats! :biggrin: really nice print placement also!!
  10. yay! happy belated birthday!

    gosh i wish it was my birthday so i could score some tokidoki. :p i have another...7 months? :p
  11. thanks guys! what you guys were saying about the placement, is there a variation between some of them? like are some of them off center or cut off, sometimes? just wondering...
  12. Yes, some heads are cut off and arms and stuff lol. Like there are some tokis where there are only bodies and no heads haha..those tokis make me sad :sad:
  13. that sucks! :wtf: thanks for the clarification!
  14. Every bag is a little bit different. And in some really big prints like Adios or Foresta it's impossible to get the whole print on one bag.
  15. I want tokidoki bedsheets, then I can have a whole stinking print, lmfao.