my first tokidoki things =D

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  1. I bought a Tutti Ciao Ciao at macy's this weekend for $55 =D

    It could have been $50... but she used the wrong coupon and only gave me 15% off instead of 20%. Pic coming soon ^_^

    also got the hoodie on sale for $45 =D
  2. here they are =D
    tutti_ciaociao1.jpg tutti_ciaociao2.jpg hoodie.jpg
  3. Wow, Awesome Deal! Congrats!
  4. SUCH A CUTE MATCH i love your style!
  5. Wow, that's an awesome deal... are you going to color your tutti? The artist in me is dying to color my zucca but I kind of like it how it is
  6. i want to color it in too... all those tria/pantone markers LOL...

    but i'll leave it i think so it is more neutral =)
  7. Very pretty! Congratulations!!!
  8. :amazed: Lucky!
    It's beautiful by the way.
  9. Wow! great deals!!
  10. wow!! congrats on the deals =)
    i love my tutti everytime i look at it
  11. that's a great deal, i wish i would have held out for the tutti sale a little longer.