My first Tokidoki - Love it!

  1. This is a month late but I just realized I am really enjoying my bag. This past Christmas hubby bought me my first Tokidoki bag and told me we'd get it signed by the artist. I brought it with me to the hospital when I gave birth to use as a baby bag and the nurses all gushed over how cute it was and I got so many compliments on it. I suppose the angel babies on the bag were a hit because we were in the maternity ward, lol. One nurse said she was rushing over to LeSportsac right after work to buy one for herself.

    At the signing, Simone was so nice and friendly and signed my bag and a bear for me. He drew a pic of a boy and girl on a rainbow and it was better than I expected considering he'd already been signing/drawing for several hours. The colors against the yellow of the bag are so cute I told hubby I could wear the bag inside out and it would still look cute, hehe.

    I have been using my Tokidoki non-stop and it works perfectly as a baby bag. I use it as a long shoulder bag rather than messanger style and it fits all the essentials. The many pockets make it easy for me to organize the little baby stuff, my cell, keys, and wallet. I also like how I can hang it over the stroller handle. Now I want something new in the pirate print when it comes out. Maybe I can convince hubby the baby needs it's for Valentines, lol? ;)

    So here's a pic of my tiny Tokidoki collection and the signing by Simone. Does it count as a collection with only 2 items (bag and bear)? I NEED one more item. :graucho:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    101_0305a.jpg 101_0329a.jpg
  2. aw so cute, congrats on your first tokidoki!
  3. Thank you, I had no idea how much I'd like it.
  4. Adorable! What a great idea to have him draw on the inside of the bag! I love it! :love:
  5. What a cute pic! Congrats on your first bag and your baby!
  6. congratulations!! welcome to the tokidoki fan club :]
  7. Yay, another Tokidoki fan! Congrats on your baby and bag! The autograph he drew is awesome! Super Kawaii! CONGRATS
  8. Awwwww, so cute! I don't have any Tokidoki, but WOW! I love your baby bag and the signature/drawing looks adorable!! Look at that mohawk! :tender:
  9. Thanks everyone! I love the picture Simone drew on it. Now that I have a Tokidoki, I am noticing when other people use theirs. I don't know the name of the style of bag, but I saw a lady carrying one with the Citta print. She peeked slyly at my bag as well. ;)

    Gee, you should definitely join the club and get one. It is so cute and functional.
  10. I have the same bag! I use it for diapers too LOL... I like the picture that Simone drew on too...
  11. Ilovepurses, Lol, talk about major coincidence. Yup, I put diapers, wipes, extra clothes, pacifier, bib, cell, keys, wallet, and even a small makeup pouch. Love it!
  12. disney- Super cute and congrats! Do you live in Hawaii? I was at the Lesportsac signing and the Smashbox.
  13. sooo cute!! the drawing is adorable! :smile:
  14. That is sooo cute!! Congratulations!!
  15. Thanks for the compliments, everyone.

    Tokidoki lover, yes, I am in Hawaii and went to the signing at LeSportsac in Ala Moana. Funny coincidence I was standing right behind Rileygirl the whole time not knowing who she was. I found out later that night when I logged into TPF that was a member. How funny is that?