My First Tokidoki: Inferno Zucca -- Pics

  1. Thanks to everyone's feedback, I finally decided on an Inferno Zucca! :yes: Like all the threads I've been reading, the Zucca is a great shape and holds quite a bit. I managed to put a hoodie, my large wallet, a mini pochette, makeup bag, business cards holder, and mini agenda into this adorable bag.

    I really like the colour combo of the Inferno print, and it's greyish/brownish straps! :tup:

    As this is my first Tokidoki, I really don't know anything about print placement. It simply looks really cute to me. :p
    Inferno Zucca 3.JPG Inferno Zucca 4.JPG Inferno Zucca 1.JPG Inferno Zucca 2.JPG
  2. looks good to me. an inferno zucca was my first bag too! I love it, it's my special bag!

    well all are special, but it's super!
  3. Where did you get it?? Are there any more??
  4. I got it Bonny's in the Manulife Centre in Toronto. I don't think there's anymore. They told me it was their last one.....sorry.....:sad:
  5. cute! i don't have a zucca yet cuz it seems so big for me :smile: but i definitely think they are awesome! congrats!!
  6. awesome! yea i've been wanting a zucca since they're harder to come by.. sigh~
  7. so are the inferno zuccas hard to find nowadays? seems like alot of people are looking for it on LJ too. glad i got mine from the outlet when they had them.. especially at that price!
  8. it's very nice!
  9. makes me tempted to get another zucca!~ congratz!
  10. its cute and looks great on u...congratz!
  11. Congratulations! You have Adios brushing his teeth and the little ghost. Two of my favs.:p
  12. congrats on your inferno zucca!!! I love the weenie roasting devil :woohoo:
  13. Congrats! The bag is beautiful!!!
  14. congrats! the bag looks good on you!
  15. what a way to start a toki collection! that's a gorgeous bag, with some of my favorite characters on it: the two vampire bunny bats in love on the front, and the devil eating watermelon on the back. enjoy! you're making tons of us jealous around here, since inferno zuccas are rarer than snowballs in hades these days :sweatdrop: