My first tokidoki! - Inferno Gioco

  1. I'm incredibleeeee excited!
    After obsessing over photos on tpf and on the web, I got my first toki ~~

    It was a bit of an adventure for me as I'm in Australia. After a bit of an email exchange [Lindsey is an awesome SA!] I ordered it over the phone from SH outlet (gah my mobile bill). Who sent it to my friend in the US, who then on-sent it to me...

    [why oh why did USPS get rid of their global priority shipping?! stupid @#$%#@$%@# now postage is so expensive!! It used to be half as much!! $29! >_<. not including the $10 or so I already had to pay to ship domestically from SH to my friend]

    So here it is (sorry for the crappy photos)!! Tags still on when I took the photos because I couldn't bear to cut them off yet. I've since worn it out once and it's so cute >_<. When I'm bored I stare at the print and discover characters I didn't notice before. My only complaint is that it is rather floppy and hard to keep in shape (even with a magazine on the bottom).

    Click to go to picasa album.

    And bag references are here, here and here (photos hosted on flickr).

    And I loved it so much that night after carrying it I went on the evilBay and got an Inferno Bambinone :biggrin:
    ...the addiction has started =_=

    Now eyeing the zucca (maybe in tutti), bracialetto (inferno or citta? or camo black/olive? hmm!) and trenino (in citta but probably it's cheaper/more practical in notte)!

    Sorry for my long windedness. I still feel excited about getting my bag. Also no one else I know could withstand a barrage of my toki excitement XD. I guess this is my first "real" post?

    P.S. My fav chars are the watermelon-eating devil and the pizza scene. iPod girls are cute too XD
  2. Congrats on your first and second toki!!! and welcome to the addiction. Are you sure that USPS got rid of their global priority mail. When I went to the post office last month, they still have it.
  3. Agh! It's perfect. That's what I've been looking for... how long ago did you order it from SH?
  4. congrats on your inferno gioco!!!!! It's sooo cuute!! :biggrin:
    ahh yes ... let the addiction begin .. lol
  5. Congrats on your first bag, it is super-cute!
  6. :tup: It's super cute...congrats!! :yahoo: Welcome to the wonderful world of Toki. It's super addicting so be careful!! :graucho:
  7. Oh soo pretty! My sister in law has a Gioco and it's such a nice bag!
  8. that's awesome! my first toki was a gioco too :smile:
  9. It's a really beautiful, mouth watering bag! Congrats on a great buy. Makes me thankful that I live in the states and can get my fix rather easily. :smile:
  10. cute! congrats!!
  11. qtiekki> quite absolutely friend gets much stuff posted from US and is very annoyed at USPS 'tards. Plus USPS is considered to be pretty dodgy for oerseas stuff (don't know about domestic) - lost parcels, damaged, etc.

    hyper_ballad>-checks receipt- I ordered it on the 6 of March...and only got it a few weeks ago XD
    See the hoops I have to jump through?

    thank you every one!! yes I love my bag :biggrin:

    Now I'm off to find this Appleguard thing or whatever spay you guys use to protect your bags (hope they have
    it in Aust...)

    BTW how is availability like for for designs in notte solid? I decided I really want a braccialetto and trenino in notte solid but they don't exist on eBay... maybe I'll have to call up SH again :smile:
  12. congratz on ur first toki! and welcome!
  13. congrats! it's a beauty of a bag!!!
  14. So many watermelon devils!! :tup: