My first Tokidoki bags are here!

  1. Today I got my Campeggio in Camo Playground Olive and Portatelefono in Inferno from SH today! :yahoo:These are my very first Tokidoki bags and I am in love!




    I love how the watermelon guy is positioned on the Portatelefono; Diane helped me pick it out. However, I am bummed--it didn't come with the qee! :sad: And the loop where the qee should be has a cut on it, like someone was rough taking it off. Phooey.

    The Campeggio is a great size. It will fit the stuff I haul around for my two kids. I like how it expands and can fit a ton of stuff.

    Now I gotta plan my next purchase ... :graucho:
  2. awww watermelon guy! congrats! n let the madness begin!
  3. Cute campeggio & porta, I especially like the porta :biggrin:
  4. congrats on your bags!
  5. watermelon guy is one of my favorites as well!
  6. haha me too! congrats on your new bags :biggrin:
  7. congrats on the bags.
  8. neat stuff! congrats! :]!!
  9. I :heart: your Portatelefono. It's seriously cute.

    *off topic rant*

  10. yikes, sorry to hear pulse just sold out today, that sucks :sad:
  11. Thanks all!

    I called SH today and (thankfully) Lindsey answered the phone -- she's going to mail out the missing qee to me!
  12. Love the porta. And now it's even better that you're getting the qee! I took my qee off a denaro so that I'd always have one saved. :happydance: