My first Tokidoki bag

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  1. After back from university I stop by at Tjmaxx near my home. I walk to purse department frist And I got this bag. I grab it it good price but it dont have gee ( doll )
    but I think it ok. And I got juicy tshirt or just 24$

    what's this bag call? ( name )[​IMG]
  2. paula24 much did u get the original stellina for?
    It is cute! Congrats!
  3. omg they sell tokis at TJ Maxx ??!!!
    It's an original print stellina ... wow ...
  4. Cute stellina :biggrin: Pic of the back? lol.
  5. I wanna add that .. for a random find .. your bag has awesome placement!! love it!! :love:
  6. It's just 49$ I dont know how much in retail?
  7. $49??? OMG..
    These sell for much more on ebay...great deal!
  8. WOW thats an extremely good deal considering the original print is very rare n usually goes for a lot!
  9. so that's where the original stellinas have all been coming from on ebay.. all w/o a qee too!
  10. wow I never know about it. I saw lesportsac at Japan ( tokyo airport ) last year its so expensive more than buy in usa. Coach also too expensive in japan
  11. My my, that's a steal!!! No wonder we see so many stellina's on eBay now. Ppl are robbing TJMaxx! Haha .. Beautiful bag for an even more beautiful price. Congrats!
  12. $49??!! OMG .... :wtf: that is the most awesome buy I think I've ever heard of ... Where can I find a TJ Maxx ?? lmao ...

    congrats Paula!!!
  13. omg that is such a great deal. i don't think the tjmaxs in my area have any toki. congrats on such a cute bag!
  14. TokidokiAngel : If you at NYC, it's just above Filenes, on 19st/6Ave.
  15. EEK I have TJ Max in Indiana..I'm so running there now....I have an original stellina..but more is always better!!!!