My first Tokidoki <3

  1. I finally got my first Tokidoki bag! I asked a little while ago for advice about bags for plus-sized people and ended up ordering the Campeggio in the Pirata print. Thank you so much for all the advice! It really paid off - I LOVE my bag. I was super scared that the strap would be too long to wear across my body, but it is perfect! I was also worried it would be too big, because of some comments I read, but it's the perfect size for me - especially as I like to carry around a book and a drink with me, as well as the usual phone, camera, wallet, iPod etc. It carries an amazing amount yet to me doesn't feel too bulky.

    So overall I'm very happy with it! I took it out for the first time yesterday, I was shopping all day and went to a Mika concert in the early evening and it served me well! I'm in love! My elder sister loved it too, I rarely make her jealous of clothesy things, she's much more fashionable than me, lol. And I thought my parents would be mad at the cost (I'm mid-20s but still live at home) but they thought it was lovely and worth the extra over regular bags!

    I totally think this is the first of many Tokidokis in my life...

    Here is a not that great picture of my bag


    And just because I feel like it, here is my new iPod in it's beautiful new iSkin (the iPod arrived three days before the iSkin and stayed in it's packaging until the iSkin turned up - I didn't want to use it until I could protect it!)


    Is it naughty that I really want a Denaro and a portatelefono now? :p
  2. Congrats! Love your iskin and pirata print is one of my favorites
  3. congrats i use mine everday! i think its time for a switch
  4. The bag is wonderful, and a MIKA concert! I am so jealous! I love him and his music!
  5. Very cute...and omg i love your iskin ^__^ yes, it's bad to want a denaro!! LMFAO...yeah right lolz....
  6. Congrats! love your new bag and the iskin is adorable! makes me want one too!
  7. Congrats on your beautiful bag... Campeggio was my first too and I just :heart: it... Next you should get a Ciao Ciao! hehe :happydance: It's a sin to just have 1 tokidoki.. at least it is in my book... :p:woohoo::yahoo::love:
  8. NOT AT ALL!! :lol: You're asking US this?? :lol:

    Your pirata is lovely :love: and you iSkin is so cuuute!! You even got the pink earphones!! (I have the green ones) Too cute!! :yahoo:
  9. Oh you really make me want to get a pirata!!!:tup:
  10. Congrats!!! :yahoo: Yes, this is most likely the first of many! Your pirata campeggio looks great and your iSkin is sooo cute!! Enjoy!!
  11. congrats !! love the iskin and campeggio..
  12. Congrats!
  13. congratz on ur first bag!
  14. congrats congrats! both the bag and iskin are awesome :smile:
  15. congrats!! Pirata is such a great print. And I LOVE your ipod, I think I might need to get that skin for mine :biggrin: