My first Toki!

  1. So after being a lurker on this forum for a couple weeks - which was great because it helped me do my homework with what to watch out for in fakes - I went out and jumped right in and got myself a Pirata Trenino. I'd been looking for a funky new laptop bag, and this was just it.

    Now I'm obsessing over the Corriere and would really want it in Foresta (monkeys!) but that's next to impossible to find, so I'm also considering it in Fumo or even Arancia. Any advice?

  2. Congrats! and you MIGHT be able to find a corriere foresta but personally I'd go with Fumo... I honestly don't see corrieres in stores often.. the only way I got mine was it was a return that my bf happened to find :smile:
  3. your first bag is always the most exciting! congrats. you should show us pictures
  4. ooh first bag purchase!!! congrats fred!! :tup:
    I think you're the first person I know to have a Pirata Trenino ... too cool.

    As for the corriere ... I'd lean more towards Fumo than Arancia only because I personally wouldn't carry an orange bag ... but hey, it's whatever you want you know? I've only seen corrieres at Century 21 but even then, that was months ago and I haven't been there recently to know what they have in stock. BUT if you happen to find it in Foresta .. that'd be so cool :biggrin:
  5. Hi Fred, I'm glad you're not a lurker anymore hehe =)

    Congrats on your trenino! Yes, you must post pics because I bet the trenino will show a lot of the pirata print. Even though I've seen the print a million times, I still like to look at it again and again ;)
  6. Hiya there Fred,

    Wow, you're the first person I know buying a Trenino as their first Toki! Congrats on the lovely bag!

    I'd say the FUMO is classy, reserved and toned down. Get it if you don't want to flaunt. The Arancia is very bold and if you are like the color, I'd say go for it! :smile:
  7. Congrats! I just got my first Toki's recently too!
    I love Fumo- like pinkpeony siad, it's toned down, but fun inside, and can be used anytime.
    Trenino? Gee, I thought the Campeggio was a big first time bag....I'm shamed! :shame:
  8. Does Fumo have Citta inside? I love love love my Notte's like a little treat every time I have to open it and see my little characters. :smile:

  9. Congrats- I have heard the Trenino makes a great laptop/notebook bag!
  10. Yup, fumo has citta print inside :yes:
  11. my first toki was a foresta trenino =)
  12. trenino's rock! i bet it'll look great in Pirata!!! congrats! spooloffred, ur nickname is funny~ i likes...
  13. Thanks! I sew, and I had an imaginary dog named Fred when I was a kid so....spool of fred.

    I'll post pics soon!

  14. Congrats on your first bag :tup:

    My first bag was a Citta Rosa Bella...I still love it so much :biggrin: