My First Toki

  1. Hi there! I'm new to Tokidoki, and I decided to go BIG. I just ordered a "Campeggio" like the one below- I liked the print so much, I wanted a lot of it to see! It's kind of exciting to wait and see what characters show up...
    Just wanted to share my excitement! These prints are a lot more exciting than Prada's nylon...and a lot cheaper! :graucho:
    Plus, I'm waiting on a couple of things from Tokidoki online.... :yahoo::wlae::tup:
  2. Congrats! Once you get your first you'll be hooked.
  3. Congratulations! Disney is right, it's an addiction - right up there with the crystal meth :p
  4. oooh congrats sparklyseahorse!!! I love the campeggio style and the spiaggia print :biggrin:
  5. Congratulations! Post pics when it arrives!;)
  6. Thanks! But, I did change my mind right after I ordered- I now ordered the same bag, but in Fumo with the Spiaggia print. I wanted it to be low key for work, but fun on the inside....what is it they say about a Mullet? Business up front, party in the back????
    Now I've got TWO bags on the way....will I have the willpower to return the first???:confused1:
    Either way, I'll post pics!
  7. They have a fumo with the spiaggia print??!! what ... when ... how ... how come I didn't know about this ...
    I thought fumo came with citta print ...
  8. Yikes! You are right- what gives with the website, there's no note about that!?!
    Well....NOW what should I do? I need something subdued, but I LOVE the Spiaggia print.....:sos:
  9. Congrats on your first Toki =)

    The girls are right, Tokis are so00000ooooo addicting! Thank god they don't cost as much as Pradas!
  10. COngratsssss
  11. maybe u can still get the fumo campeggio but then get something small in spiaggia also .. like a denaro or porta and then use it unside the campeggio?

    Hmm if they did make a fumo or black toki with spiaggia inside that'd be nice :yes:
  12. Congrats! Welcome to the Toki world!
  13. Thanks everyone! I think the crisis is averted, I hope....I ordered a small item in the Spiaggia. I don't think I'm going to even open the first box with the print Campaggia, or I'll be too tempted to keep it!!! Thanks for the suggestions- I'm sorry I got into this so late, I feel like I've missed out, and it ends this year. :crybaby:
    At least I timed one thing right....FREE SHIPPING! :graucho:
  14. Congratz! and welcome!
  15. Congratulations.