My first toki!

  1. Pirata bambinone from pulse...came in 3 days!!
    It was the last one they had, and I think I got lucky on the print placement. :heart: it!!


  2. congrats!
  3. Adorable! I just got a Pirata Bambinone the other day and I love it.
  4. Its very cute! Congrats!
  5. Ooo:huh: it's very pretty :smile:
  6. Thanks :biggrin:
    I just took off the qee and sprayed kiwi protect-all on my bambinone. Can't wait to use it:love:
  7. Congrats!!!
  8. wow for the last bambinone ... you got great placement on the front!! congrats!! :yahoo:
  9. Yeah..great print placement ! Congrats !
  10. Oooh very pretty. Congratulations!:party:
  11. It's too bad I'm not a "pirate" kinda gal...I'm sure girls all over the U.S. will be wearing their pirata when Pirates of the Carribean (sp?) 3 premiers lmfao.
  12. I'm a huuge pirate fan! Oh Captain Jack Sparrow...
  13. you should post a modeling pic so people can see it for size reference..........congrats on the bag!
  14. so cute!! congrats :smile:
  15. congrats! I'm thinking about getting a pirata bambinone if I cant find my perfect stellina O_O