my first (tiny) reveal!

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  1. So I went to LV today to scout around for my PSN purchase and I came home with a little something to counteract the winter blues :wlae:

  2. The cute little chocolate brown box of happiness :smile:

  3. omg...a live reveal!
  4. what is it???? a bandeau? cles?????
  5. I have a weakness for all things red :P


    Yay, finally I can sit in for one.

  7. ooo what is it??
  8. Olivia bandeau!!!
  9. I'm not one for long waits coz I'm impatient too :graucho:

    Please say hi to my first bandeau...Olivia in pomme!

  10. You're good, Sweetpurple (the wallet goddess)!
  11. GORGEOUS!!!

    Congrats! :heart:
  12. And here she is all unwrapped...

  13. Oh wow... very nice! :biggrin: Congrats!
  14. I got her to brighten up my Damier NF. I love it! :heart:

  15. She's a beauty! Now I want one too, lol!