my first (tiny) H purchase (pics)


over the moon
Aug 8, 2007
hello all, i'm mostly in the LV forums but occasionally lurk over here and admire all the gorgeous H bags and accessories. :smile: anyway at the SCP meet yesterday i was inspired by ChocoGrace's Ulysse notebook in lagoon...i just couldn't get over that *gorgeous* color! i didn't really need a notebook but i i figured in this case, i'd *find* i use for one(lol). so we went into H and asked if they had any notebooks in lagoon (or is it lagon?)...they said they didn't, they only had the large size. but as we were walking out , i noticed that there was one in the display window, and it turns out it was the size i wanted :nuts: (i think it is the PM...not the tiny one but the next size up).

anyways, so i bought it of course. was so exciting, nice orange bag with such a beautifully wrapped orange box!! when i got home and opened it, i felt like a kid on christmas morning!! LOL.

i can't get over this color. pictures *cannot* do it justice!! it is gorgeous. i love the leather too. it is just TDF. now i understand what everyone luvs H! :biggrin:

anyway, many thanks to ChocoGrace for inspiring me to venture into the world of H! now i already want to get more (lol)...first i want to get that little bookmark tassel thingy (i think it's called a carmencita??) anyone know how much are those? sorry, don't know all the H terms... :shame:



Loves Bags
Jul 28, 2007
Congrats! I've seen that color IRL, and it is just TDF! :tup: Welcome to the world of H!


May 4, 2007
Beautiful colour, have a look on the H website as they have the carmen keyrings on there