My first time

  1. Hi! Need a help here. It is my first time selling on eBay. I tried to do a listing and im ready to upload a picture. Now, it does not have an option to add photo then I can upload. It says : http// ____________. can someone help me how to upload photos? sorry, not a computer geek here too. Thank you!
  2. I think the http// is to link to a picture you might have on a website like (or another site). Someone correct me if I'm wrong, as I do not download my pics that way.
    The way I do it......
    If you have your pics that you want to post stored in your computer, hit "browse" and then go thru the steps to get to your pics. For instance, I put my pics in a folder in the documents area. So I would click "browse" then choose "documents" and then choose the folder where my pics are and the choose the pic I wanted. And then I would repeat that until I have all the pics chosen that I want in the listing and then download them.
    I hope that helps!:smile:
  3. I want to do the same thing you are doing but the thing is there in no option for that. Like, when I go to upload pics, it goes directly to this http//thing.. it does not say add photo then upload. please someone help me here. Thank you!
  4. Nova, are you using the regular eBay auction or a different template?

    Probably can't be much help here, I just listed and sold my first item myself, but I wish you luck!!:smile: