My first time in a boutique; with goodies

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  1. I´m back from Sweden! Had a simply fantastic trip. I was so excited to finally go to an actual boutique to buy LV. When we got in, the doorman smiled and said welcome, which I love, I wish every store had a doorman! Then when we´d wondered around the store, admiring all the stands with beautiful Pomme d´amour stuff and other gorgeous vernis (the installations were pretty much all Vernis) and then there was these gorgeous antique trunks too. Oh and I saw a Suhali Lockit Horizontal in Sienne, it was gorgeous! There was a look book too of the new 07 runway line but I was so excited that I forgot to read it through:sweatdrop:

    A lovely blond-haired SA greeted me with a smile and asked me if she could help us. I asked her if I could see some scarfs, mainly bandeaus. She showed me gorgeous ones, there was a cute pink one with little charms on it for example. Then I asked to see the bandeaus, she didn´t know what I meant and I explained that "they look kind of like ties" she laughed and got out the black mc one (the last one) and the red one which I pondered over. I went there going to buy the mc one but seeing the new red one I asked what she thought and she said "between these two, definitely the pink one, it´s more subtle". I chose that one and it´s gorgeous!

    Then I asked if they had any Inclusion, she said that they just got in some new ones so I asked if it´s the Pomme D´amour color and she said "yes it´s a gorgeous colour, you have to see it!" I tried on a pomme ring (too big for me) and the GM clear bracelet and the PM pomme and clear one. The GM was quite heavy to my surprise and I loved the Pomme one so I got that. This is the part when she told me that I could always order from the store the clear one or some other stuff later:nuts: Very very good news.

    Then she said "Oh I´ve got to show you one more thing" and got out the Jack and Lucie keyring! It´s sooo cute, I couldn´t resist it, it looked so cute hanging on my Luco when I tried it on.

    There were so many shoes too, but I knew from my boyfriend´s look that it was enough so I didn´t try those on. They had the Miroir sneakers, they were just awesome.

    The SA (Ina) was so nice, we laughed and had a great time. She told me she had been in the UK just now and bought a Chanel so she has to eat macaroni for the rest of the month "It´s a girls thing!":roflmfao: She gave me her card and told me to call anytime I felt like ordering or asking something.

    My friend Will bought a black Damier Geant Loupe which is such a hot men´s bag. He also bought the PM pet collar for his cat.

    Without further a do, here are my gorgeus new goodies. I got loads of fashion magazines too, they have LV pics on them so I´ll take photos later:yes:
  2. ohh! Nola, I am so glad ya had a good time in Sweeden! CONGRATS! I like the inclusion bracelt as well
  3. Oooh pretty, congrats ! It sounds like you had a lovely time !
  4. Soooo pretty (the bandeau is called the Etoile). Congrats!
  5. so pretty :heart:

    great that you had such an awesome time
  6. Thank you I didn´t know the name of that one:flowers:
  7. Oh Nola...what a beautiful collection you bought at LV! Loved the pictures you took...nice arrangement!!!!
  8. Love everything!
    Glad you had a great time Nola!
  9. Thank you all! BTW; my friend wants to know where the datecode in the Damier Geant Loupe is, anyone know?

  10. No problem Nola! It also comes in grey & blue (In case you LOVE it and want more colors!)
  11. I do! Those colours are hot too, so maybe next time:nuts:
  12. It sounds like you had the ideal LV boutique visit! Your SA was a doll!
    I love your goodies, especially the bandeau. Are you gonna model it for us?
  13. gorgeous! sounds like you had a great time!
  14. Of course! Just not now, still too tired from the trip:p
  15. btw- how much were Jack and Lucie- if you don't mind my asking...